30 Day Challenge Complete!

Mobility is a huge issue for crossfitters.  In our box, we take ample time to warm up and stretch but generally after the WOD people zoom out the door (myself included) and don’t take the time to cool down and stretch following the workout.  

One way that I, rather sporadically, work on my mobility is to attend/do yoga whether through the box (thank you coaches!!), a class downtown at Flex Yoga, or on my own.  Generally I practice yoga erratically instead of consistently but that also fits into my crossfit routine which I well call toddler-influenced because I’m pretty sure 2 years is just a little too long to be considered post-partum.  

Anyway, a personal goal is to become more consistent not only with cross fit but also yoga… Each feeds into the other if you truly think about it!  It just happened that flex yoga Wooster began hosting a 30 day challenge right when I needed them most.  You can check out my daily poses on our Instagram Fred or you can check out everyone’s submissions by searching #30daystoflexy 

Another great resource I hope to get soon is WOD Recovery Yoga an eBook that details what yoga poses are most  beneficial after a WOD depending on what types of movements you were doing!

Anyway, I’m thrilled that I completed the challenge and didn’t miss a single day… Now I’m looking for a new challenge!  Casually eyeing health challenges such as  whole 30.  Any recommendations out there?????

See you on the yoga mat!

Non-Scale Victories

nonscale victories

This was posted to my box’s Boot Camp page on Facebook and it got me thinking, which has me writing!

I’m the first to admit, I will probably not be in any “before/after” transformation pictures since basically I am the same weight as the day I stepped into the box (my pants are 2 sizes smaller) and I don’t really think I look different in pictures I see. Don’t get me wrong, people have noticed that I look different and carry myself differently, so I know changes are happening, but when I see pictures of myself, I still see a fat, old lady, one who perhaps has no business being in a gym at all, much less a crossfit box.

{Now coaches, before you go and give me a billion burpees for sounding negative, please keep reading!!}

Are there moves I still don’t have down? Yep. There is a reason this blog is called Scaled to Perfection. My crossfit partner in crime and perpetual “in my head” sista (I swear we are one brain, separated by 20 years), have struggled with so many things for the years we have been doing crossfit. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know what they are, but if you are new, let me inform you of all the things I (well..perhaps we) still need to achieve, much less master: double unders, pull-ups, rope climbs, chest-to-bar, toes-to-bar, hand stand push ups, most things with the GHD, and box jumps (I had them, then the box tried to kill me so my brain refuses to let me do them again). My clean and jerk form, while improved, is a work in progress and  the snatch? Ugh… Ugly is a good word. Burpees about kill me and anything cardio is a long trip on the struggle bus.

This makes it sound like I can’t do anything at all, which isn’t true. The powerlifting moves are ones I love. I don’t mind thrusters, wall balls, the ski-erg, rowing, and kettlebells. I love all the accessory work we do! And I’m fairly certain that not one of the coaches would say that I give up, no matter how much I’m struggling, no matter how dead last I am and I will often go ahead an finish a workout, even if we’ve been time-capped, because…well…I’m not a quitter. That part has changed in me; I used to stop at the time cap, but I prefer to finish (if I won’t be in the way of the next class, or my taking a few more minutes means I won’t be late to work). I’m a firm believer in the crossfit attitude of cheering for everyone and that the last person to finish is just as, if not more, important than the first person. I LOVE to cheer on my fellow athletes when I get the chance. This is one of the things I love best about The Open. Except for your own heat, you get to watch and cheer everyone else, keeping them motivated if needed. I never thought that was a real thing, until it was happening to me and people really believed it.

Do you see a trend here? I do. If it has to do with brute strength, I’m all over that. If it requires grace and/or coordination, I struggle. I’m slowly getting better at all of these things and I have no shame in continuing to work on them, even as frustrating as it can be at times. I think back to high school and college sports and the positions I played: keeper in soccer, bench warmer in basketball, catcher in softball and shot-put in track. Those positions don’t really require coordination. You can just fling your body around without fear and that often gets the job done. The gymnastics move require something I’ve never really had the opportunity to train for, work on or even think about in my daily life. My parents didn’t send me to ballet or gymnastics (I would have told them no anyhow), so I never worked on those things and now I’m finding that I really need those things and old brains are apparently slower to learn than younger brains!

Back to non-scale victories! I’m a LOT stronger. I don’t give up easily (which can also have its downsides – hello calf muscle; I’m looking at you). My shirts are smaller; my pants are smaller. I can do the things the coach’s ask of me, especially scaled. I have enough confidence in my abilities that showing some of the newer athletes a move or two doesn’t worry me.

I’ve met so many wonderful people, many of whom have become dear friends. I participate in our #socialcommittee events as often as possible and have done some things that I never thought I would do, such as not 1, but 2 5k runs.

I’m fascinated by the programming and would love to know more about the inner workings of our head programmer’s mind when he puts the workouts together. And as I’ve been told to stay off this dang calf, all my workouts lately have been very modified and that has also been incredible to watch. It only increases my resolve to eventually save enough for my CF1, not because I want to change my life and start coaching, but because I want to know ALL THE THINGS, and the more data, knowledge, and information I have, the happier my brain is.

So as you progress through your journey, remember that there are many victories you will encounter along the way. Some will be more weight on the bar. Some may be getting a move that you didn’t have previously. Some may be taking time off your 500m row. Some may be as ‘simple’ as showing up every day, drinking the amount of water you know you need. You could drop clothing sizes; participate in a competition, partner with someone stronger/faster than you to push yourself; partner with someone slower/less strong than you to help them along. Relish all the little things because often the ‘I can’t’ permeates the day. Believe me, I know this from a LOT of personal experience over the years; I’m a pessimist at heart. But here and there, now and then, a glimmer of positivity shows up. And THAT is a non-scale victory I can get behind.

Diet and Exercise

So, what would a CrossFit blog be without discussing food?  But I promise to be brief because we could all have a week long discussion about food, cross fit, their relationship, our individual relationships to both , etc, etc.

I just finished listening to a great episode of the Girls Gone WOD podcast that focused around the topic of eating disorders and the two hosts had excellent discussions with a dietician and behavioral therapist.  Basically the big breakthrough and topic that I wanted to highlight was that food has no moral value (good nor bad) only nutritional value.  When you eat something, your body has no idea (nor does it care at that moment) if the food is a “good” food or a “bad” food…. It only knows that it’s food!

My personal opinion about diet is that any registered dietician worth their salt is not going to tell you to cut out whole food groups.  It’s important to understand proportions, nutritional values, and personal relationships with your food.

I highly recommend using a good tracker like MyFitnessPal to see what your current intake looks like.  Then, I highly recommend seeking out a registered dietician (not a nutrition consultant… at least for your first consult.  Registered dieticians are licensed professionals… They know their stuff!) to discuss where to go from where you are.

So, I highly recommend listening to the episode of GGW (I think it’s episode 66) and also taking your own steps to further understand your relationship with exercise and food.

Embrace the Scaler

When a partner WOD is announced, I would say that I generally try to find someone that lifts about the same amount of weight I can or is at or around the same fitness level as I am.  I am here to say that this is crap and we should all reconsider how we choose partners (at least every once in awhile).

There are advantages for each side of the aisle:  An RX athlete may find the opportunity to focus on form and fundamentals when working with a Scaled athlete.  Working at a lighter weight or slightly slower pace allows the time and ability to focus on those minute movements that make all the difference during a WOD.  For a Scaled athlete, working with an RX athlete may provide the opportunity to work a little bit heavier than you normally would, maybe work a little faster with a little more motivation, and may also offer learning opportunities and tips to work towards achieving some movements.

So, I definitely recommend branching out.  Go outside of your comfort zone…be willing to push yourself but also be willing to slow down and take a moment to return to those essential fundamentals…you may not PR that day but that time to practice will pay off in the future.

2017 Goalz – Laura’s Edition

So here we are at the precipice of 2017. I’m so ready to say goodbye to 2016 because what I THOUGHT was going to be a great year, full of PMA, gains, goals and greatness, basically fell apart and I was left with depression, anxiety, bills and a marriage that very nearly disintegrated.

Throughout the year, the one constant was CrossFit. Not that I felt that I was getting anywhere with it, but I kept going. It was the one place where I knew things weren’t going to change. I would show up, I would either walk out feeling like crap at my performance, or feeling on top of the world at my performance. There was nothing in the middle and I was perfectly okay with this. In fact, I needed this consistency in my otherwise chaotic life. (Don’t get me wrong, the things that happened were total #firstworldproblems and I am well aware so many others have it worse).

My Partner in Crime, my CrossFit Sista, my dear friend challenged me with setting some goalz (I think the z is more positive, right?!), and after a year of simply getting by, she’s right. I need goalz, or I will spend another year of few gains. And I don’t want gains; I want GAINZ!!

CrossFit goalz (there are so many, but I’m going to put just 4 into the world)…

  •      300 pound back squat
  •      Sub 2-min 500m row
  •      Rope climb
  •      Pull-ups

Eating/Nutrition goalz

  •      No more Diet Coke (ooooo…this one will hurt)
  •      No more alcohol (this was also the one constant this past year…this will also hurt)
  •      Hit my macros consistently (Sunday will be my biggest challenge)
  •      Cheat meals are occasional again

Personal/work goalz

  •      I’m on sabbatical this semester, so setting AND KEEPING a regular schedule
  •      Save enough for CrossFit Level 1 Certification (I don’t want to coach, I just need to know all the things…)
  •      Pay down the seemingly insurmountable debt that accrued from this past year
  •      Simplify my life, declutter, destress, live more purposefully
  •      Read more, Facebook less (yes, I know I said only four, but it’s my post and thus my rules)

And since Keri did one, I will too:

BIG, BOLD BODACIOUS GOAL – Find a way to reconnect with my family, my hubby in particular.



2017 Goalz – Keri’s Edition

So, 2017 is just around the corner…is it technically 4 days or 5 at this point?  Anyway, I was inspired by the Girls Gone WOD Podcast and thought we should send our 2017 goalz out into the world and then do some periodic checking-in to see how we’re doing.  I did want to cover several spheres of life and not have these be just CrossFit-centric goalz.  So, here we go:

CrossFit Goalz:

  1. Clean & Jerk 100# +
  2. Double Freaking Unders (string at least 10 together)
  3. Box Jumps
  4. Go Rowling

Nutrition/Health Goalz:

  1. Eat or drink at least one locally sourced item per day.
  2. Give up Starbucks.
  3. Get my steps in every day!

Personal/Work Goalz

  1. Log into Facebook once daily and then logout and don’t check it anymore.
  2. Volunteer once a month.
  3. Host a Chopped party or chili (paleo?) cook-off.
  4. Get my CCRC certification.


  1. Finish de-wallpapering my house (ugh)

Alright Laura, let’s see what you’ve got…..

WHYNBTY Wednesday and Goalz

This WHYNBTY Wednesday is brought to you by 2017 Goalz.  Yes, goalz with a Z because we are badass like that (goalz and gainz go together(z)).  Awhile back, a few of us were pondering about what to get our coaches for Christmas.  We finally settled on some totally awesome, custom gym gear but one idea we tossed around for awhile was a journal.  I got to thinking about that and pondering on my goals for CrossFit and life in 2017 and finally decided that I needed a journal to track my goalz.

A completely blank journal freaks me out so I decided to do some Googling and see if there were blank journal ideas, templates, or something out there that could help me guide my goal-making.  That’s when I stumbled across WODBook by Sports Journals.  I promptly ordered myself and my blog partner one (because I know she likes goalz and gainz too).  When it arrived, I was so in love.  There is structure but not so much that it becomes a stricture.  I am simply so excited to fill this thing out!  There are places for short-term and long-term goals, daily logging, a list of the girls and hero WODs with places to put in times to track improvement.  There are even travel WODs and past Open/Regionals/Games WODs for you to attempt.

This year, I have realized that our box does not do a lot of testing so I am hoping to test a few things on my own at the beginning and end of the year to see if I’ve made any improvement.  I am excited to keep this log for 2017 and see if I end up meeting any of my goalz (see next post).

You can get your own WODBook here – http://sportjournals.com/products/wodbook-classic.  There are several different versions of the WODBook but I went with the classic which is classy, just like me.