Rest Dayz

Ever since having my son, I feel like it’s only a rare occasion that I make it to the gym three times a week.  I celebrate those weeks.  In between those weeks I’m inevitably under the weather (daycare germs) though I will definitely say this year was much better than last year…. There may be hope for us yet!).  I miss getting to the gym but I also recognize the importance of resting (see: get back to gym sooner) and not getting everyone else at the gym sick (see: don’t get sick again later when it mutates and you get it again).  

I was looking through my Instagram pictures and came across a saying that was plastered on a hotel gym wall in San Francisco. The wall said “Prepare for it, train for it, fuel for it, rest for it”.  I Love this!  It’s not your typical motivation sensation… I particularly like that it includes fueling and resting…. don’t see that too often.  

I’m lucky in some ways because when I miss the gym, I know I’ve got a good reason. I cherish my gym time and it does hurt when I know I shouldn’t go (see: all last week #somuchcoughing) but I know it’s the right thing.

So, what to take out of that long rambling?  Pay attention to the walls in hotel gyms, you may just learn something valuable.


Cold and Flu Season

It is finally deciding to behave like winter around these parts and along with the weather change we also welcome in cold and flu season.  I’ll just be honest and say that it didn’t mean a lot to me before I experienced the joys of cold and flu season with a child in daycare.  Before child (b.c.), I rarely got sick over the winter.  My mandatory hospital worker flu shot also kept me flu free.

Last winter was a complete shock to my system.  It was my first child and flu season with a child in daycare (who was 6 months old and put everything in his mouth just like all the 6 other kids in his class).  It. Was. Awful.  I was such every other day (okay, exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like).  I went to cross fit like once a month.  I felt like a loser!  I’m a nurse!  I’ve had tests on hand hygiene…. I realize how bugs work.  No amount of sanitizing and hand washing cloud save me. I was miserable.

This year has been considerably better. The bugs arent nearly as bad so I’m hoping we built up at least a little immunity last year.  Also, I’ve been working on making sure I get plenty of fruit and vitamin c.  So, there is hope!  I have to believe the first year is the worst year because you’re getting every bug for the first time.

Around here we’re getting over our first go around but it was short and there were no fevers, docs, or antibiotics so we’ll mark it as a win.


Too Legit To Quit

Guys, it finally happened…. I lost my mind last week.  Between craziness at work, craziness at home, and complete lack of enthusiasm about the gym…. I tried to quit the one thing that has made me the happiest since moving to Wooster (okay, besides the birth of my favorite tiny human).  So, all time low…. Right?  Well, luckily I have great coaches and even better CrossFit friends and I think I’m beginning to climb out of my rut instead of falling deeper into it.

I need to recommit myself to my practice.  Most importantly, I need to develop and commit to some goals.  In the past, I would choose an event….. Say… A marathon or a triathlon or a warrior dash…. These were my goals.  I haven’t quite figured out how to merge my love of goal setting and accomplishment that I enjoyed in the past to CrossFit.  Is it competition? Or something I need to measure on my own? I did a little research and found something that I think will help.  You’ll probably see a WHYNBTYW about it soon but I bought one for myself and one for my blog partner and I don’t want to give away what it is.  I think it’s a great tool and I’m excited to integrate it into my practice in 2017.

So, here’s me working on my commitment to myself and my CrossFit practice in 2017.  #bringit




Scaling After Baby

Guys, I had a baby last year.  I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever thought I would have kids #truestory.  I had just started doing CrossFit, I was seeing results, I loved it and BOOM!  Pregnant.  Of my first year of CrossFit, I did 9 months of it pregnant.  I told my coaches and they worked with me 110% to scale each workout so I could safely and effectively make it through (guys, I also let my doctor know what I was doing….he was cool with it but you should always check.  His nurse freaked out when I showed her a picture of me PR’ing my push press at 36 weeks).

I ended up having a C-Section (as if the baby wasn’t enough “adieu” to my hopes of ever having abs ever) and I lost my core.  Post-op was devastating!  For a week or two afterwards, moving was pure misery.  Horrible.  I’m not a lay still and take it kind of person.  I had it in my mind that I would be back to the gym in two weeks….killing it.  Boy, was I way wrong.  The best thing that happened to me on maternity leave was when I discovered Breaking Muscle’s C-Section Recovery.  Gentle exercises to regain that core and re-establish a workout routine.  Perhaps the most important part of the routine was just the mental part of accepting that you had a c-section; the meditations included in the C-Section Recovery series helped me TREMENDOUSLY.  To me, this was as scaled as CrossFit could possibly be for my post C-Section self.  Highly recommend!  Here’s the start of the series: Breaking Muscle C-Section Recovery. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me – both physically and mentally.

It took me about 12 months to feel back to normal…like I could attack WODs again.  I think it’s possible that you could feel normal faster but once we started daycare it seemed like every day I had a cold and I had to rest and recover from that instead of going to the gym.  I think that set me back a lot longer than I was anticipating.

Anyway, enjoy that Breaking Muscle series of articles.  It was a huge help to me.  Remember that there is no shame in scaling to where you need to be…I felt so silly just doing leg raises and I was really discouraged about how hard those leg raises were.  But that work paid off in the end and I’m finally starting to see and feel that effort.

Second CrossFit competition coming up Saturday (the first I did about 4 months after having that C-Section #killingit!)