I’m thinking it might be an honest to goodness miracle that I not only found something to write about, but I’m posting it on a Wednesday!

This is the non-preview version of a post from a while back on the Glukos Energy Gummies. (I don’t work for them, they didn’t encourage this review.)

I was given a sample pack in my WODBOM box a few months ago. My son and I simply looked at the label and it said a serving was 6 gummies. So we each took 6 and happily chewed away. THEN we read the label a bit further. ‘For best results, take 3 pre and 3 post-workout’.  Oops…

My initial impression was they were quite dense. I was expecting more of a gummy bear texture and these were a LOT thicker. But the fruit punch flavor was pretty good and neither of us had any kind of sugar high nor sugar crash from eating them

They were good enough for me to head to their website and guess what?! They were on sale for 50% off! Can’t pass that up. So I bought a box of each flavor (Fruit Punch, Lemon and Orange) and it cost me what 1.5 boxes would have cost. SCORE!

My coach is often on me about making sure I eat SOMETHING before the workout. If I didn’t work out at 5am, that would probably be a lot easier, but I usually just get up and scoot out the door. This was a possible solution because I could chew them in the car on the way there and the post-workout ones on the way home.

Each box has 12, 2-serving packages and I bought 3 boxes for a total of 72 servings. I have 2 packages left and am pretty good about taking them before a workout; it’s rare that I forget. I drink a glass of water and then chew these on the way out the door.

I have NEVER felt that rush of ‘oh man…this workout better get going’. I have never take them post-WOD and felt a sugar rush. I don’t know if they actually work, or if it’s a placebo effect, but I do like taking them both pre and post-WOD. I feel as if I perform a tad better (keep in mind that a tad better is like a snail beating a slug at a race!) and I don’t feel as if I run out of energy (well… compared to last year).

All the flavors taste really good. I think my favorite is the orange because it’s a great blend of sour and sweet. The lemon leans toward sour and the fruit punch leans toward the sweet, so there is something for everyone in terms of taste.

I keep going on their web site to order. Here’s is my dilemma…I paid half price the first time I ordered. It was some random thing I guess. So now I’m struggling with paying full price. I’m not saying they aren’t worth it (24 per box, so basically $1 per serving), but since I paid half that, I’m hesitating. I will probably break down and order a box or two and then keep waiting for a sale.

If you look on their site, they also have: drinks, protein powder, energy powder and bars. I have not tried any of those products, to be honest. But I do like these gummies! It’s almost like taking candy before and after a WOD. And who doesn’t like candy?

I don’t know the nutrition science behind the stuff that is in these, but I do know that I like the taste and they seem to have a positive effect on my workouts.

Here is a link to their site, if you want the skinny on their nutrition and ingredients.

Glukos Energy Nutrition Label



WHYNBTYW (Preview Edition 2)

This week’s edition of Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wed is also a preview edition.

Two weeks ago, I purchased the Crossover Symmetry system. This system advertises itself as something for folks who need to improve shoulder mobility, strength, posture and even rehab injury. They even discuss someone who had a rotator cuff injury where surgery was recommended who used this system and was able to build strength without surgery. We have one of these systems in our box and I’ve used it a couple of times. It seemed promising.

The system arrived this past Monday and when I opened the box, their instructions said to head to their website, enter the code they gave me and watch the videos for further instruction. For me, personally, I’d rather read than watch videos so this was a minor annoyance. Not something worth returning the product, however. Two days later, I sat at my computer, entered the code and was taken to the training zone. I clicked on the first video (there are a LOT of them) and …. it didn’t work. I tried another browser. Nothing. I tried my phone, and still nothing. So I sent an email to their technical support and very quickly was sent a reply that they were aware of the problem and were working on it. They also provided a link to a cloud site where some of the videos were stored. So I was able to start watching.

Twenty-four hours later, their site was up and running and I was able to work my way through a good chunk of the videos. The first set deal with how to do the installation and basics. They move into the various movements and fantastically, go over common errors and how to correct those errors. This is fantastic, since you use the system in your own home; thus, you are doing the movements without the help of a coach watching.

Today, I finally managed to get the system installed. I ordered the door attachements, which are promised to work on all standard doors. I failed to consider that my house is 100 years old and thus my doors are perhaps, not standard compared to modern doors. However, my husband and I were able to get the system installed and hopefully it is at least toerable, since our doors are apparently far more narrow than modern doors. (Side note: were people that much smaller 100 years ago?!)

So I’m pleased to note that the system was reasonably easy to install. They were highly responsive to my email about the issues I was having. Their videos are very helpful.

I have yet to use the system, so I cannot report that you NEED it just at the moment. But I fully intend to start using it every day (as soon as I move the furniture in the room out of the way) and after a month or so of use, I will provide a full report on the challenges, issues and hopefully, benefits of the system.

So stay tuned!

WHYNBTYW (preview version)

This week’s Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesday is a short preview of something that came in my WODBOM box this month. Glukos energy gummies. So I had the sample that was included, but that was enough to have me on their website ordering the product. So this isn’t quite a ringing endorsement yet, but a promise of a full review after a few days of using the product. 

The package has two servings, a total of 12 gummies. After my son and I split a serving we read the package (don’t judge). “For best results take 3 before and 3 after a workout”.  Ooops. 

The sample was fruit punch flavored. Their website also has orange and lemon. I ordered some of each as all are flavors that I don’t mind and are also hard to screw up. 

I’m sure my son and I were thinking “gummy bears” when we tried the first one. They are certainly gummy and very chewy. They are far more dense than gummy bears. The flavor is pretty good, once you get over the denseness of them. The second and third were better because we knew what to expect. 

Neither of us was going to do a workout so I was curious if having more than recommended, and with timing that was not ideal would mean that we’d both end up with jitters. Nope. They were digested easily and neither of us seemed to feel overly energetic, like we needed to go run a marathon and couldn’t sit still. None of that happened. Neither of us experienced a crash either, so that is also a good sign. 

My coach is always admonishing me to eat something little before a workout, but since I always go at 5am, I can’t generally bring myself to eat. But I could manage to chew three of these gummies on my way to the box! 

Now …. to hide the packages from my son. Hahaha

If you are interested in trying some yourself, HERE is their website. I promise to review this fully after I use them for a bit!


It’s a miracle! I’m writing about a product on Wed, just as we originally planned! Go me.

I got my WODBOM box for January the other day (side note: the best email in the world is from the company saying my box has shipped). Inside were many things including: a throwback hoodie, protein bar, hand protection and more Bite Fuel protein granola.

This is the second time I’ve gotten this product in my box and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It’s a good mix of carbs, fats and protein and it also tastes good. The flavor that was included this month was Pina Colada, which I admit I was nervous about, since I think coconut is “icky”. But I opened it, tried it and immediately fell in love! The coconut isn’t overpowering at all. It basically tastes like yummy granola without all the nasty stuff like preservatives, sugars etc that can often be found in the ones that come in boxes on the grocery shelves.

Now a serving size isn’t very large (1/2 cup), but it’s enough to give you a decent snack between meals and there is 12g of protein per serving. This may not seem like a lot, but the brand we’ve purchased at the store has 2.9g, so that is considerably more. In defense of this particular company, they also make a protein granola bar that has 10g of protein and is “only 190 calories”, so it is possible to get more protein in a bar off the shelf.

I, personally, am not concerned with no-GMO, gluten-free etc, but there are a lot of folks out there who are very concerned with such things and the Bite Fuel products are all whey based (no soy), gluten-free, no GMO, no trans-fat, no preservatives and no cholesterol.

I will admit that I prefer foods with ingredients I can pronounce and the Bite Fuel fits that bill. My bag has the following: oats, coconut, whey protein concentrate, brown sugar, coconut, almonds, coconut oil, dried pineapple, vanilla extract, pecans, salt and cinnamon. The other product contains a lot of “real” ingredients too, but also soy protein isolate, corn syrup, fructose, vegetable glycerin, soy lecithin and natural flavors. I’m not a food scientist, but whenever I see vague terms on an ingredient list, I get nervous. What, exactly, are natural flavors and why can’t they just be listed?

I’m not trying to bash another company’s product. I’ve eaten a lot of those particular granola bars and they are quite yummy. I have found them to be a great snack and easy to toss into a kid’s lunch box and I know it’s something my kids will eat. Plus, they are also very easy to send to various sporting events as they are all individually wrapped (if you don’t have kids, all foods these days must be individually wrapped…). Plus, if you are money conscious (who isn’t), for the boxed product you can get 10 servings for $6 vs the 5.5 servings (seriously?!) of the Bite Fuel for 13.99. That can be a large difference.

For me, I love the Bite Fuel stuff though and will continue to buy it, even if it costs more. I like the ingredients listing better, I love that it is more of a meal at 270 calories and since I track my macros daily, I can add a bit to my protein without really compromising my carbs or fat macros. It also seems like an easy thing to toss into a bag for competition day where you need something that’s quick, easy, won’t fill you too much and will keep you going.

If you are interested in more information, please go to their website! Oh their protein cookies are pretty amazing too. Those showed up in a box earlier in my subscription and what a great treat!!