The Open is Coming

Another year, another Open is upon the athletes of crossfit-Land. Once again, perhaps against my better judgement, I’ve signed up.

This past year, I’ve watched all these women move well past me in terms of abilities and skills. And here I am stuck in the same spot (I’m not really, but it often seems that way). I jokingly call that “The Overachievers Club”. I’m mostly jealous of them. Why do I have to try to find time outside of class to learn pull-ups and double unders? These ladies did it in class!!

Ok, ok… it’s possible they worked at home on these skills too.

Today we did 17.5. (10 rounds of 9 thrusters and 35 singles/double unders). My coach didn’t let me do this one last year due to my nagging calf injury. And while I wouldn’t say I’m 100%, I’m about 95%, and did the scaled version today with no issues.

That workout has a 40 min time cap. And I went in there going (please beat the cap). Then I thought, please get under 20 min. Then it was, please under 15. I did it in 14:42. Since I didn’t have a baseline, I was actually happy with this number. I was even happier that I did all the jumping and didn’t hurt afterwards.

And …. then I looked at the whiteboard. I know! Don’t remind me. I’m not supposed to compare. And my very last post was all about how happy I was with my performance! Turns out, my time really wasn’t all that good, and I find myself in a funk because I know I could have pushed harder, but I also know I wanted to make sure I paced myself due to fear of re-injury.

I guess in the end, it doesn’t matter. My score is my score and I can work to improve my mental game next time.

Bring on the open.


What is happening to me?

I started off the new year on vacation, so I missed out on the new year’s WOD and the first few. I came back to my birthday WOD, which, while it wasn’t fast, I did Rx+ BOTH workouts, I believe I was the only woman to do so.

This week, we tested 50 calories for time on the Assault Bike. I took 41 seconds off my previous time. Not only was under 5 minutes, I did it in 4:09.

Today was Karen. Again, I took time off my score. My first time I did it in 10:50. The second time in 16:41. Today was 9:56. A near minute PR off my best time.

So I’m not at the bottom of the leaderboard for two workouts that I expected to be at the bottom. Okay, okay… I know we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves to everyone else, but why have a leaderboard if not for the friendly competition, and perhaps, push that comes from seeing what your fellow athletes are doing?

My point in all of this is.. I’M NOT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEADERBOARD! What is my life? Ok … it’s not like I’m at the top, but I never expected to match or beat some of the folks in my class, much less the other classes. These are women that I look up to. These are women who are really quite good!

So I ask again… what is happening to me? Who am I? Perhaps someone who is actually getting better at this? Or at least had a couple of good days. Whatever it is, I will take it!