Building a Gym (and a routine)

Oh man, what a crazy few months it has been.  I dropped out of my CrossFit gym, put our house on the real estate market, and bought a new house; all of this on top of the usual craziness which I think exists in everyone’s lives.

The biggest thing for me recently has been building a new routine.  With my new job, I don’t have to be out of the house until 0730 (before I had to be on the road by 0630).  Now, I thought I would just have a more relaxed morning but I forgot that I have two sides to my sleep switch…8 hours or less consistently and fine or more than 8 hours has to be 10 or more.  There is no happy medium.  So, I’m still working on this because I like to sleep but I also like to work out (best accomplished in the morning), help hubs with our dogs and tiny human, and have some breakfast.  But, honestly, since we have moved I’ve just been sleeping in and having useless mornings… I hope to change this soon and settle into a better, more helpful, routine.

The gym has been a challenge but I was thrilled that hubby and I have been keeping up our fitness enough that we killed a 4 mile run on thanksgiving!  We both recently joined the online CrossFit community of Street Parking.  SP offers multiple versions of the daily WOD that vary on the equipment you may have access to.   So, we we are slowly building our home arsenal.  I have noticed that many SP members are basically my age with tiny humans who make getting a workout in more difficult so the support in the community is great!

So we are working on building up just enough equipment to approach most of the SP workouts.  So far we have a set of adjustable db’s (already had),  a set of 25# db’s, two speed ropes, and a set of wall balls which, honestly, gets us through most of the WODs.   On Wednesday our joint Christmas present arrives on the form of an Assault bike so we have a means to do cardio once the snow starts to fly.  We also have access to a 24 hour gym where we can go row or run to mix it up.  The next item I’m working on is a plyo box.  Once we get all that in place I really think we will have a nice, diverse set up where we will be able to do most of the SP WODs at home but it is nice to have the option of the 24 hr gym.

So, that’s my update.  If you’re in my boat and need extra flexibility, I highly recommend the programming and community of Street Parking!




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