Am I becoming friends with the Assault bike?

What is happening to me? I feel like a stranger in my own brain today.

Thursdays at my box we get a choice of cardio workouts that are all slightly different and all designed to make you regret your choice, no matter which one you choose.

Today we had three options:

1. Suicide sprints and bear crawls

2. Max effort rowing for 40 seconds

3. Max effort Assault Bike for 20 seconds

Each workout had its own rep scheme and its own rest built in. Lately, I have been picking the Assault Bike because I’m not good at it, it scares me, and we generally hate each other. I pick it for those very reasons. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, or something like that…right?

Sometimes (nearly all the time if I’m honest), I don’t understand how to plan to spread my limited energy out to make it through a workout. But max effort? I get that. Each round for 20 seconds, you go until you cannot move. Until your muscles scream and beg. And then you keep pushing because there are 5-7 seconds left on the clock and rest is coming. I know I have about 10-12 really great seconds in me and then it’s a mental game to get the rest of the way.

Eight rounds. Twenty seconds. Three minutes of rest.

Rounds 1 and 2 I got that bike to 97 RPM. I will repeat that: 97 RPM! TWELVE calories. This is a PR by such a long shot that it’s almost funny. And yet I cannot adequately describe how my heart filled with pride at this. I was barely able to stand, I was trying to breath out of my skin to get more oxygen, there were still 6 more rounds to go.  And yet, I felt good.

I felt good about something I did on the Assault bike? Who am I? Where was the person who wrote “the Assault Bike is my nemesis”? What was happening to me?

I got 80 calories in those 8 rounds. Yes, my performance declined in subsequent rounds, but 4 of the 8 rounds I was able to hold it over 90 RPM for 10-12 seconds before my max effort dropped into the 70’s. The other four rounds I kept in the mid -80’s for 10-12 seconds, before having to drop into the 70’s.

I know there are athletes out there who could keep that dang bike in the 90’s (or higher) for all 20 seconds. But you know what? I’m not them; I’m not comparing myself to them either. I’m comparing myself to last week, last year, 2 years ago. And today, I can proudly exclaim that I gave it my all. I am STILL feeling the pain, 5 hours later. And I’m happy with what I did today. Yes, it destroyed my ability to do pushups, but I don’t care. I am happy with an Assault Bike performance.

Are we becoming friends? Is that even possible?


Tough Week

This week started with lunges and trying to find a heavy 3RM front squat. We moved to pushups and double unders, tossing in an EMOM for calories, snatches and dips, spent a day riding that blasted Assault Bike and ended with sled pushes and cleans. My legs are toast. Seriously…If I do nothing this weekend but sit on the couch playing video games, that MIGHT be enough for my legs to recover.

I haven’t really figured out how to recover faster. Maybe that is something that simply slows with age and my brain hasn’t understood that yet? Maybe there is some supplement I could be taking that would speed things up. Maybe I just need to go to bed earlier.

All I know is that the first round today of cleans (they were in sets of 3 at 85 pounds, so not that many and not that heavy) and my legs immediately yelled at me to stop. I could feel the pain by the third rep, the pain that makes me think I’ve done a lot more work then I really have. But crossfit soreness is a funny thing and generally the solution is more crossfit. So you push through, grinding through the reps and distance for the sled push and hope for the best. It wasn’t my fastest time (I’m generally not at all known for my speed), but I did it and now I’m going to spend some time doing nothing.

Nothing is a glorious word. Monday will be here before I know it and I will head to the box, work hard and probably be feeling the pain by the end of the week again. But for now … nothing.