Once again, our weekly special is courtesy of Friday because it’s very hard to come up with ideas. We should probably starting getting different products and using them and then we can do comparisons and reviews! I going to put it out there that we are more than willing to review anything anyone wants to send us. Free would be fantastic, but discounted also works. Also if you have suggestions of things for this feature, please let us know!!

So this post will be another general one as I haven’t tried many different brands of this product. Today, you should seriously consider getting some protein powder. I’m sure there are folks out there who can eat all of their protein through actual food, but I’m not one of them. Often I have class for 6 hours straight with only 15 minutes between class and that is seriously barely enough time to run to the bathroom, drop the stuff from one class, grab the stuff for the next class and get there on time! Meal replacements and powders are often my ‘go-to’ during these days because they are fast and very convenient.

I don’t have go-to protein powder. I buy the cheapest one at WalMart because, I’m cheap. But this powder has 60g protein for every 2 scoops, which is what they say is a serving. My meal plan has me eating 155g of protein every day and, personally, I struggle eating that much protein simply by eating tuna, eggs, and chicken all day long. Especially on days when I don’t have time during the day to eat. (side note: anyone who thinks that professor have a cushy job needs to have their head examined: teachers, police, nurses, firefighters probably could all be on that list).

One of the guys at our box was selling a different brand of protein and I tried it and it was a lot creamier, and more flavorful than the one I usually purchase, but I only got to have one serving because my son absconded the rest of the package. It was vanilla ice cream and it really did manage to taste close to melted vanilla ice cream! But since I only had one serving it’s hard to know if that flavor would hold up, or if it’s just my memory comparing the two products.

Now, you all know that I’m Paleo-ish. Strict paleo would eliminate dairy and while I don’t really drink milk (milk requires pancakes and tons of syrup), I don’t mind a bit of cheese  here and there and Greek yogurt. So I suppose if you were very strict about your paleo, whey protein would be out of the question, but if you are paleo-ish and have macro goals to meet, whey protein is simply one tool to help you get there. For me, it is very easily digested and I don’t seem to have any of the intestinal or digestive issues that some people have reported with dairy, whey, and increased protein intake.

For those of you who are building muscle, having enough protein is very important. For those of you who are also trying to lose fat, having enough protein in your system helps with that. It helps your body not break down muscle tissue on a fat loss cycle. So if you are like me and struggle to get enough protein and also you get sick of the same lean protein sources all the time, I would recommend grabbing a tub of powder the next time you are at the grocery store.




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