Life, Homesickness, and Random Thoughts

I haven’t been posting a lot recently but I have been thinking a lot about posting recently. So many random thoughts in my head and just so little time to sit down and bang out a post.  So life’s been hectic.  I love love love the time change and I’ve really been enjoying the sun being out when I get home from work.  I signed up for a duathlon and I really need to spend that extra sunshine time out on a bike or a run but that brings me to my next topic of homesickness.

This weekend we were down in Columbus/Dublin.  This area is my home. Where I was born, raised, graduated, and went to college. I miss the people, my family, the infrastructure, the variety, the engagement, the everything.  I came to a realization about three weeks ago that it’s been five years since we moved to Wooster and living in the rural setting has changed me (hopefully for the better).  I was driving around trying to figure out where to have dinner and I found my anxiety creeping up on me. The traffic, one ways, wealth of options was too much at that moment.  I had to pull over and take some breaths.  I realized at that point that even if I did move back to the area it wouldn’t be like it was.  I picture the area as my quintessential place of happiness but those memories were built when I didn’t have to worry about adulting.  So, I have to realize that experiencing the area as an adult will never be like it was when I was a child and a young adult who saw the world through rose-colored glasses.  I miss home but from the adult perspective I’m happy to be a weekend visitor for now.

another thought that has been rumbling through my head is my love of badges.  Remember that Facebook add on where you could put all those fun badges on your wall?  What about girl scouts or boy scouts when you earned badges for achieving milestones or knowledge?  There’s also communities that exist where you can submit works to earn badges.  One such community is Mary Jane’s Farm where users can come together and then work on badges at different levels.  There is also a book out there that is basically the adult version of girl scouts and you can earn badges through good works.

What if something like this existed for cross fit?  What would the badges look like and how would you earn them?  One that I came up with today were badges for each of the open workouts completed maybe with the key components stitched on there.   this has been a fun mental exercise to imagine…. Mull it over and submit your badge ideas to the comments.


One thought on “Life, Homesickness, and Random Thoughts

  1. We need to make these badges happen somehow! I’m all in!!
    I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but I’ve lived here for 16 year and still miss living in/near a city. I think it’s okay, and perfectly normal (for what it’s worth). And I know it’s not the same, but you are always welcome to come hang out, or we could go out for dinner/coffee/beer. These things can also happen at your house to keep tiny human happy. And you know I totally adore your tiny human!!


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