WHYNBTYW (preview version)

This week’s Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesday is a short preview of something that came in my WODBOM box this month. Glukos energy gummies. So I had the sample that was included, but that was enough to have me on their website ordering the product. So this isn’t quite a ringing endorsement yet, but a promise of a full review after a few days of using the product. 

The package has two servings, a total of 12 gummies. After my son and I split a serving we read the package (don’t judge). “For best results take 3 before and 3 after a workout”.  Ooops. 

The sample was fruit punch flavored. Their website also has orange and lemon. I ordered some of each as all are flavors that I don’t mind and are also hard to screw up. 

I’m sure my son and I were thinking “gummy bears” when we tried the first one. They are certainly gummy and very chewy. They are far more dense than gummy bears. The flavor is pretty good, once you get over the denseness of them. The second and third were better because we knew what to expect. 

Neither of us was going to do a workout so I was curious if having more than recommended, and with timing that was not ideal would mean that we’d both end up with jitters. Nope. They were digested easily and neither of us seemed to feel overly energetic, like we needed to go run a marathon and couldn’t sit still. None of that happened. Neither of us experienced a crash either, so that is also a good sign. 

My coach is always admonishing me to eat something little before a workout, but since I always go at 5am, I can’t generally bring myself to eat. But I could manage to chew three of these gummies on my way to the box! 

Now …. to hide the packages from my son. Hahaha

If you are interested in trying some yourself, HERE is their website. I promise to review this fully after I use them for a bit!


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