Post 17.3 Ramblings

Well….17.3 didn’t quite go as planned. I had really hoped to at least get to the second set of 4 minutes and the 65 pound snatch. Nope. I was 4 reps shy. I’m not sure what happened.

I felt I was moving pretty well. I don’t really have the full squat snatch under control (read: I can’t do this move yet), so I did the snatch and then the overhead squat. I know separating the two movements is what slowed me down, but it slowed me down more than I anticipated. I’m fairly certain that my habit of resetting after each snatch/squat also slowed me down.

I broke up the jumping pull-ups into two groups each round and maybe I shouldn’t have done that, at least during the first three rounds.

Honestly, I think resetting after each snatch would be the key for me. I need to learn to cycle the bar faster, particularly at the lighter weights. I need to learn to drop under the bar in the full squat, again especially at the lighter weights, but this is something I’ve never done before and I’m not certain an Open workout is the time, nor the place to work on something brand new and something so technical at that.

During the second set of the first round, I could feel my calf cramping up. The squats hurt; the jumping hurt; the walking between movements hurt, but I’m stubborn, perhaps stupidly so. I kept moving. The end result of this was when I was time-capped, I collapsed in agony, incapable of stretching my leg, or even moving my foot. My wonderful coach used the incredible rubber tape stuff and wrapped it tightly. Then she used the bar to roll it (another athlete subbed in when she had to get back to coaching). Even now, hours later, it hurts, though it’s not cramping. I really should go see the massage therapist…

Even still, I’m tempted to try again on Monday. Four moves. FOUR. What is the worse that happens? I don’t get as far and bruise my ego? I’m used to that. I get further? That’s my goal, so fantastic? I end up with another cramp? I’m also getting used to that. I will take a few days to ponder these options, see how I feel on Monday and then, maybe, just maybe go for it again.


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