Today’s edition of Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesday, which is miraculously actually occurring on a Wednesday, has us looking at jump ropes.

Recently, our box did a double under challenge. We had a month to get 1000 double unders. I managed to get 500 of them, mostly 2-5 at a time, and always with a single interspersed. I’m now getting them, semi-regularly, in a row, still 2-10 at a time. The most I’ve done is 19 in a row. But the thing everyone said would help was to get your own jump rope. (side note: calf injuries are NOT helpful in doing double unders, or much else for that matter…this injury that has been going on for approx 3 months now can go the F away…)

I went to amazon (where else does one buy anything these days?) and found a cheap rope for about $12. I didn’t want to spend 50 right out of the gate. So it’s not customizable, nor does it have cool colors or anything like that. But it’s one of the ‘speed’ ropes and lighter than the ones our box has available for anyone to use.

These ropes all come as one size and you have to cut the rope to fit your size. This is actually the hardest part, for me. What if I make it too short?! The pressure!!  haha

Anyhow, with your own rope, you can get the feel for how the rope moves, what noises it makes when it hits the floor, the timing of how it spins etc. Yes, a good athlete should be able to basically pick up any rope and just go, but I’m not that good. If you’ve been reading any of this blog, you know I’m an average athlete, just striving to be better than yesterday and the journey has been a slow one at best.

There are many companies out there making speed ropes. I’m sure some are better than others. My $12 one has been serviceable and once I get to the point where I’m really decent at double unders, I will probably consider getting a more expensive one. But having your own can make a difference; if nothing else, you get to take it home and practice if you want.


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