WH(I)NBTY Wednesday

Okay, I’m switching it up this week.  I think I’ve pretty well sorted through every single CrossFit, CrossFit-related, fitness-related item that I own (which honestly is not a lot) and that I love and you should definitely buy.  Now that I’ve run through that entire list (and some other random things), I’m making today about something that I am coveting but haven’t bought yet for whatever reason (Why Have I Not Bought This Yet Wednesday).

I do not own a pair of OLY lifting shoes.  In fact, in real life I only rotate through 3-4 pairs of shoes (work shoes [which are old CrossFit shoes, I am classy], boots [weather permitting], Merrells for CrossFit, and occasionally running shoes).  I’ve heard a lot about lifting shoes and, of course, I see a lot of lifting shoes at the gym.  I’m really curious to try them out but not sure if I want to drop a ton of $$$$$ that I’m not sure will make a huge difference for me as an :::ahem::: casual crossfitter.  Plus, am I really going to change shoes before a WOD?  Is that going to happen?  I’m not sure.

So, I’m going to do a little more research.  Maybe for my 3 year CrossFit-iversary I’ll take the plunge.  In the meantime, anybody have any great comparison website resources or personal testimonials on your fave lifting shoe and why?  Send your thoughts my way.


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