Post 17.1 Thoughts

While my WOD-Sista elected not to participate in The Open (a decision I fully support and respect, despite the questions that often come), against my better judgement, I signed up. My shoulder is about 95% healed, but my right calf and shin has become my newest nemesis and source of so much agony. 

But I figured that I’m certainly not a games athlete and I’m not about to get sponsored by some company to enable me to quit my job to train to become a games athlete, so what is the worst that happens in signing up? Slow times? Low rep counts? I have to stop in the middle because of pain or fear of a more severe injury? Hey, all those things either have or will happen and I survived. My ego has been bartered by crossfit time and again, so what would a few more times hurt?! So I signed up. 

If you are just discovering crossfit or have been hiding under a crossfit rock, Open 17.1 is a chipper with increasing dumbbell snatches interspersed with 15 burpee box jumps. When it was first announced, my thoughts were elated at the snatches, and then my heart was crushed at the thought of all those burpees combined with box jumps. I mean, I can do them, but not well, not gracefully and certainly not quickly. But no matter! I could Rx the first Open workout of the season! Go me!! 

My class time is 5am and this week I wasn’t going to be able to do the workout on Sat with most of the rest of the gym. So there was no time to mentally prepare. When I watched the athletes at the announcement, I saw four of the fittest people on the planet collapse in the classic “crossfit recovery position” barely capable of signing their names on the forms, so I knew I was in for a doozy. 

The first set of burpee box jumps had me limping. Burpees are seriously one of the worst moves for shin splints (who knew?) and by the end of set two, I was more than ready to quit. But my judge was so encouraging, and my other gym-mates were cheering so I kept on, moving slower and slower each round. 

I had in my mind that I wanted to get through the 30 round, including the burpees. I got through 40 snatches and then 3 box jumps before preforming what out head programmer, coach and gym owner called “the greatest no-rep ever” when I hit the corner of the box and face-planted on the floor. At least time was up at that point. 

Beyond the Whiteboard always posts statistics about the workouts and my score of 148 places me solidly in the bottom 20th percentile. Well below average even. If I’m being honest with myself (and if I can’t be honest here, where can I), that score was a bit upsetting when viewed as a percentile. However, since I KNEW it was going to be painful; and, I KNEW it didn’t really play to my strengths, I wasn’t overly concerned with it. I did it; I got further than I hoped. In the end, that is all that matters. 

Or, at least I hope so, because I’m still not waking right. 😉

Oh and the workout took a piece of my soul with it. It is refusing to give it back. I hope I don’t need it for this week…


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