Another addition to Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesday, coming to you courtesy of Thursday!

Earlier in the year I agreed to split half a cow with one of the other box members. I’ve never done this before, mostly because the initial cost seemed insurmountable, although I fully understood that the per-pound cost was less. Plus, growing up in the city, you just bought your meat at the store, like everyone else. I didn’t know any farmers, nor any meat processors.

But when I was asked to do this, I thought, “Why not?”  The farmer was yet another member of the box. When I spoke to him about it, his big point was knowing where your meat comes from. In all honesty, I’m not all about that. I know my meat comes from a cow. I know that cow must be slaughtered. I get that it’s messy and there are probably people working these slaughterhouses that should get paid more…blah blah blah…all the political stuff. I know that the store meat is often dyed to get the color that people expect, that deep red color. But I really never cared all that much about it. I don’t go for organic crops any more than conventional crops and I refuse to engage in a genetically engineered debate on this blog.

Price, however, now THAT is something I do care about. And my job ‘forgot’ to pay my supplemental pay for the past 4 months and made up for it by dumping that sum onto my last paycheck (yeah!). So that gave us the money to spend up front!

I still don’t know any processors, but the person I was splitting the meat with did.

We got the meat in the freezer this past Sat, and Tuesday evening, I went ahead and put steak and potatoes on the menu! Now, my husband regularly overcooks my steak. He’s been generally overcooking my steak for the past 25 years, but I don’t complain (much) since I’m not the one cooking it! (He cooks; I clean.)  This was was pretty close, only slightly overcooked.

It looked like a normal steak. It smelled like a normal steak. I stuck my knife into it and it basically melted! It was the easiest steak I’ve ever cut in my life. Then I put this morsel into my mouth and was immediately transported to steak heaven!! This was the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. My son concurred, adding “It’s basically disintegrating in my mouth”. We all agreed it was the best steak we’ve ever eaten, ever. Did you read that? EVER.

End result? I will never purchase steak from a store ever again. We will be starting to save to do this again in a few months for several reasons.

  1. It cost us about $3.50 per pound. That is less than the cheapest cuts at the store
  2. It was simply the best steak ever.
  3. The ground beef was also just as good.
  4. Our freezer is half full and we don’t have to think about beef for a while
  5. See #2

So, if you have the means and the opportunity, I would highly recommend getting your beef from a local farmer/processor. It will be the best beef you’ve had.


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