Diet and Exercise

So, what would a CrossFit blog be without discussing food?  But I promise to be brief because we could all have a week long discussion about food, cross fit, their relationship, our individual relationships to both , etc, etc.

I just finished listening to a great episode of the Girls Gone WOD podcast that focused around the topic of eating disorders and the two hosts had excellent discussions with a dietician and behavioral therapist.  Basically the big breakthrough and topic that I wanted to highlight was that food has no moral value (good nor bad) only nutritional value.  When you eat something, your body has no idea (nor does it care at that moment) if the food is a “good” food or a “bad” food…. It only knows that it’s food!

My personal opinion about diet is that any registered dietician worth their salt is not going to tell you to cut out whole food groups.  It’s important to understand proportions, nutritional values, and personal relationships with your food.

I highly recommend using a good tracker like MyFitnessPal to see what your current intake looks like.  Then, I highly recommend seeking out a registered dietician (not a nutrition consultant… at least for your first consult.  Registered dieticians are licensed professionals… They know their stuff!) to discuss where to go from where you are.

So, I highly recommend listening to the episode of GGW (I think it’s episode 66) and also taking your own steps to further understand your relationship with exercise and food.


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