This week’s entry into Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wed is brought to you courtesy of The Crossfit Open.

First off, I know I’m late. These are actually harder to think of than you might realize!  There are so many good things out there, but in my mind, they tend to fall into broad categories and since I haven’t tested any brands for comparison, I prefer to lump them together instead of tell you to purchase THIS vs THAT. Now, if any of you want to send us things to test, you are more than welcome to do so and we will happily review them and post our thoughts!

Our coaches are always going on and on about how anyone can do crossfit and while I do believe there are so many workout options for everyone, I also firmly believe that anyone can do crossfit. I am living proof of this concept. I’ve been crossfitting for two and a half years, but I’m still scaling most things, still don’t have a good chunk of moves anywhere near to completion, much less at proficiency. Double unders are a fantastic way to see just how much I enjoy whipping myself; pull-ups are a wonderful way to practice jumping from a box; and, rope climbs are an endless source of frustration. This list goes on and on and on. I’ve even had to scale back other moves, such as push-ups to accommodate my still-healing shoulder.

And yet, despite my plethora of injuries, I’ve signed up for The Open. You guys know that I’ve not been doing crossfit since the beginning. But since I’m a rather geeky academic, constantly in search of information, history, knowledge and data I did some research into the history of this thing called The Open.

The Crossfit Games started in 2007 with a seemingly simple competition designed to find “The Fittest Athlete on Earth”. Each year, the competition strives to combine elements of gymnastics, endurance, strength and a surprise event. Ocean swimming, “heavy” workouts (meaning they take a known workout and make the weights even heavier than normal), pegboards, new equipment etc. The athletes don’t know what is coming until the end.

Since 2011, the first stage to get to The Games involves The Open. Top performers will then head to Regionals, and top performers there will go to The Games.

One of the complaints I heard from my coaches was the workouts didn’t provide a scaled option, which was always one of the things that crossfit always bragged about; anyone could do it, so why not the scaled options? I wasn’t doing crossfit at the time, but I can basically guarantee that anyone who wanted to participate would have found a way to do the workouts scaled; that is exactly what coaches have been doing for years! But now, crossfit releases official scaled versions for all the various age ranges.

I know there will be moves I cannot do (yet). I know there will be weights I CAN move. I know the workouts will suck, but in a good way. It’s possible there will be workouts I cannot do or modify due to injury and I will have to find a way to come to grips with this. But what I DO know, is that anyone can do crossfit; and thus, anyone can do the Open. Modifications can be the official modifications provided, or other modifications provided by all the wonderful coaches.

So go! Sign up for The Open. Do your best; scale as needed. Grind through the suck and enjoy that amazing feeling of accomplishment that generally goes along with any crosssfit workout. It will be the best $20 you spend on crossfit that isn’t gear; I promise.


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