Sunday reflections

One of the questions I repeatedly grapple with is how often to go to Crossfit. I’ve asked my coaches about it and they’ve told me that it’s safe to attend every day and, indeed, that regular attendance is the best way to improve. But I’m also instructed to listen to my body, scale as needed, and even take a day off when it feels right. But I’m never totally sure where to draw that line, which brings me to today, lying in my couch, suffering fatigue and aches in every muscle in my body, and wondering if I’m getting sick, or if I pushed a bit too hard last week, or if I’m sore because I haven’t pushed hard enough in the past.

This past week I went to regularly scheduled classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. On Thursday, I had a personal training session instead of class. Today (Sunday) is my rest day. I felt pretty decent Monday through Thursday, but Friday and Saturday were definitely a struggle. I know I’m not old, but I’m also not in my twenties anymore, and I wonder if I should scale back a tad to accommodate my current body/life?

I try to keep Crossfit in perspective in my life. After all, I need to be awake and pain-free enough to perform my real job and do all the other things I enjoy. But I do have terrible Crossfit FOMO. What if the class I miss is the one that really focuses on things I need to improve? What if that’s the class I could have learned something that would change my whole lifting technique for the better? What if I could have PR’d? What if I want to eat ice cream later without worrying about its effect on my body? Somewhere in this thought-spiral, I usually decide to just suck it up and go to the box.

How often do you Crossfit? What are your tips for recovery? Do you know how to turn off the FOMO voices? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Sunday reflections

  1. It’s funny how often I have these thoughts and I’m quite a bit older than you are, so if you are not recovering well, perhaps my issues have to do with lack of recovery as well. I know that the past 6 months have been a series of small, but nagging injuries. Crossfit is supposed to make me stronger, healthier, fitter and yet here I sit, the same weight, not having moved any closer to any of the moves, scaling after well more than 2 years, and now these annoyances are just adding “insult to injury” (pun intended). I’m wondering if I should drop back to 3x per week for a bit, or even take a few weeks off. I know Coach J was looking at me today, but I’m trying to protect these dang calf muscles for the Open (which I wasn’t going to do because of these injuries). I heard the phrase “you aren’t over-training” you are “under-recovering” on the Girls Gone WOD podcast and continually wonder if that is my issue. I have no idea how to listen to my body. I’m sure this comment isn’t helping your situation! Why don’t you try taking one extra day for a couple of weeks and see how you feel?


  2. “I have no idea how to listen to my body.” — that’s exactly how I feel! Crossfit is really my first long-term athletic endeavor, so I’m not sure what is normal and what isn’t. Maybe I will try to take more time for recovery. My right shoulder was loudly protesting those dumbbell thrusters this morning, so that might be a good warning to heed.


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