Someone Please Refill My Kool-Aid Glass

I feel like a walking injury. Crossfit is supposed to make me stronger, faster, healthier, skinnier, etc etc etc…and yet for the past 6 months I’ve had these minor, nagging injuries that just refuse to go away and I find I’m highly annoyed by this.

In August, 2016, I injured my shoulder doing bench press. It wasn’t anything other than a freak accident, but I’ve been hard pressed to bench ever since (my 1RM for bench USED to be 175 and now it’s barely 115). This used to be my all time favorite move in the box; it made me feel very ‘testosterony’. You know…that feeling that you can do anything because you are a strong, bad-a$$. I don’t know how else to describe this feeling. It’s when everything is going just right in the gym, you are getting pumped, you are excited about the pump and things just fall into place. It’s like being in ‘the zone’; everything just clicks for whatever reason that day. But ever since this injury, it hurts. I’ve been to the chiropractor and to a massage therapist and that has helped. Certainly backing off the weights and slowly building back up is working as well.

Before Christmas, we had a WOD that required 200 total double unders. Now, I can do about 9 in a row. But the coach that day said that folks who were really close had to do them. And at that point, I really WANTED to do them. So I did my first 100, went to toes to bar (reality check – knees to chest – 50 of them) and then back for another 100 double unders. At this point, I’m fatigued and 25 minutes into what we were told was a sprint. I get to about 50 of the blasted things (this time doing more like 1,2 or 3 in a row) and I’m feeling my calf muscles fatiguing to the point of “hey you should really stop moving and using us now”. Being the idiot that I am, I thought, “mind over matter and I’m oh so very close”. I followed this with a few choice swear words and kept going. MISTAKE. I pulled a left calf muscle so badly, it was two days before I could walk again. In the meantime, I’m limping and overusing my overly stressed other leg and end up with shin splints.

Then I happen to get the plague that’s been going around and was off for a week. So now it’s been over a month of modifications (no jumping, no step ups, more core work, using the bike etc etc etc…) and even with a week off, I was feeling the strain from today’s workout. Seriously…how long are these injuries going to take to fully heal? I don’t want to take off more time from the gym; that might lead me to bad habits in terms of eating, getting up etc etc.

Okay, okay…I’m not 20, I’m not even 30 and the coaches don’t seem to mind modifying the workout for me (they do it for anyone with any kind of injury), but I mind. I always feel like I’m not really doing the workout, not really working all that hard (this is a lie and I must remind myself of this). But also, there are several other women my age and they do not seem to have these nagging injuries. So am I doing something wrong? Probably not. Maybe I need to cut back to 3x per week for a while…maybe I need to take another week off and simply walk the dogs instead of going to the gym. Maybe I’m just whining and need to simply deal with it. But I’m feeling like my Kool-Aid glass is empty at the moment and I’m waiting for someone to fill it back up so I can continue my crossfit journey, wherever that will take me.

End whiny rant….


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