Ah, good old WHYNBTYW when we have to rack our brains thinking of products that we love or things we have tried that we can’t live without.  So this week, I’m going to talk a little bit about my obsession with Plated (https://www.plated.com/).  I started ordering from Plated when my Dad got me a gift certificate for Christmas 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I thought I would only use Plated while we transitioned from a family of 2 to a family of 3 but that was over a year and a half ago and I’m still getting my Plated subscription on a weekly basis.

My husband and I subscribe to the 2 meals/week plan.  It costs about $50/week but when you add up how much you would pay for all of the ingredients for the recipes, you certainly make up the cost.  When we meal plan, we include our 2 Plated meals as a dinner for 2 days (generally Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Honestly, sometimes the portions are so generous that I split mine into dinner one day and lunch the next (it just depends on what you order).

When you’re choosing your weekly selections, Plated offers low-calorie, stove-top only, and vegetarian options.

Overall, I’m completely hooked on Plated and I love the service and the customer service is really super (if you ever find yourself without an ingredient they really do a great job helping you out).

If you want to try out a completely free week of Plated, leave your email in the comments and I’ll send you an invite which is good for a free week of Plated meals (3 meals).

Bon appetit!

Plated’s Chicken Peanut Curry with bean sprouts and spinach (yum!)



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