Embrace the Scaler

When a partner WOD is announced, I would say that I generally try to find someone that lifts about the same amount of weight I can or is at or around the same fitness level as I am.  I am here to say that this is crap and we should all reconsider how we choose partners (at least every once in awhile).

There are advantages for each side of the aisle:  An RX athlete may find the opportunity to focus on form and fundamentals when working with a Scaled athlete.  Working at a lighter weight or slightly slower pace allows the time and ability to focus on those minute movements that make all the difference during a WOD.  For a Scaled athlete, working with an RX athlete may provide the opportunity to work a little bit heavier than you normally would, maybe work a little faster with a little more motivation, and may also offer learning opportunities and tips to work towards achieving some movements.

So, I definitely recommend branching out.  Go outside of your comfort zone…be willing to push yourself but also be willing to slow down and take a moment to return to those essential fundamentals…you may not PR that day but that time to practice will pay off in the future.


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