Dispatches from the edge of RX

My Scaled to Perfection friends were kind enough to ask if I wanted to contribute to this blog “from the RX perspective.” My first response was “but I’m not really RX.” Every now and then I’m gifted with a workout that plays to my strengths, and I’ll proudly tap the RX button on Wodify. Those are great days. More often than not, however, my RX WODs are the result of a stubborn refusal to go backward. My mentality is something like, “Even if I have to do these handstand push-ups one at a time, I will do them if it takes hours.” I will whip my shins for twenty minutes before giving up on double-unders. This persistence can be both rewarding and ill-applied but, in the long run, it serves me well.

At other times I scale because there are so many skills I’m still learning and so much strength I’m still gaining. I think of those as building days. They make me feel like I’m on the right path, and I appreciate progress even when it’s slight. I’m comfortable on scaling days because they are how I’ve spent the majority of my Crossfit time thus far.

Finally, there’s the third kind of day, the day I feel discouraged because I can’t do something I think I should be able to do, or I’m injured, or my coaches tell me to do something that I’m afraid to do, or I’ve had a bad day and it’s seeping into my workout. On such days I’ve been known to throw very restrained tantrums, call my coaches undeserved names like “dream killer” or “sadistic [expletive]”, and threaten to quit and take up a less frustrating hobby. These are dark days but they are rare. The only cure is to drag my grumbly self back to the box the next day, smile big, dance a little, and try again.

So that’s where I am in my Crossfit life– on the edge of RX, remembering that fitness is a journey and not a destination.


3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the edge of RX

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog and wanted to comment since this post definitely resonates with me. I’m also at the point where I can rx some things and I always feel like I’m deciding between 1) going rx, struggling, and finishing last or 2) going scaled and feeling like I wimped out on myself. Sometimes I feel like getting better at movements is a curse, since I feel pressure to always perform at the same level or better. But I agree with you — it’s about remembering that each day is different and giving yourself the room to do what feels best for your body!


    • Hi Diana! It can be a tough choice!! This morning the WOD had dumbbell thrusters, with an RX weight of 35lbs. I went with 30lb dumbbells and I’m still bouldering if I coulda/shoulda tried to RX it! Maybe next time. I hope you have a few solid RX WODs ahead of you in the Open!


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