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So one of the coaches said some things before class the other day and it has me thinking. The box started a pull up series. I thought it was going to be once per week we would work on the accessory work to get us to doing pull-ups. We did two weeks of these. 3-5 rounds of various exercises that should help us get pull-ups. This movement seems to be one of the “end all be all” movements in our box. So many women want them; so few of us have them.

For me, I’ve always wanted to be able to do a pull-up. And when we started, I stated that as a goal and the coach told me I wasn’t allowed to learn kipping pull-ups before I could do strict pull-ups. Now I’ve seen a lot of women in our box get kipping pull-ups and they don’t have strict, and I admit to getting a bit upset both with them and the coaches. Then I did some research and learned that it can be very tough on the shoulder joint to do kipping without he strength in the muscles to do strict. So basically I had to logic my way out of my anger. This usually works and for 2+ years I’ve been doing jumping pull-ups and feeling okay about this.

But the things the coaches said where this:

1. You will never get better at pull-ups by doing jumping pull-ups

2. How many people have been working their pull-up accessory work at home? (None of us raised our hands – and she basically told us we needed to be doing these things on our own if we ever hoped to be able to do them in the box).

Both statements have me thinking.

The first because when the head programmer is coaching, we always do jumping pull-ups. This coach was subbing and that is when the comment was made. So we all did banded pull-ups for the workout and basically a good chunk of us were lifting ourselves off the ground maybe 2″. It was very demoralizing (at least to me). Next time I will use the black band and not the green one.

Then I read another blog post over on Eat to Perform and the author mentioned there is a 240 pound woman there who can do all the variations on pull-ups. So my thoughts of “I’m too fat for pull-ups” are obviously wrong.

Which means I’m not strong enough to do them and that brings me to point 2.

I THOUGHT this pull-up series would be once a week. Nope. Apparently we did it for two weeks and we were supposed to keep doing it at home. I struggle with this for several reasons. First, not everyone has the equipment to workout at home. I happen to have a lot of workout equipment because I spent several years doing Beachbody programs, but a good portion of folks will join a gym so they don’t have to buy all that stuff!

Second, not everyone has the TIME to do another workout at home. I go to crossfit at 5am. That is the only time that really doesn’t interfere with the activities of the rest of my family. I’ve gone to a few evening things here and there, but that requires very careful planning and often rearranging of who does what in my household. I would guess hypothesize that a lot of folks are this way.

Third, if I were motivated enough to push myself at home, I wouldn’t need to take classes 5 days a week! I could go on crossfit’ website, do their WOD, or head to YouTube, or and follow one of their programs.

Finally, I get a little annoyed when I’m told that 5x per week isn’t enough. That now I need to spend extra time practicing “insert move” or I will never get it. Five days a week isn’t enough? If this is really true, then I might as well give up, go home, and simply walk my dogs around the block for a hour at 5am.

End rant.


3 thoughts on “More Musings

  1. I totally sympathize with your frustration. I found that my skills dramatically improved when I added PT to my regular Crossfit regime, but I always appreciate when skill work is built into the classes. Don’t give up on pull-ups, though. I know you’ll get there. If you ever want to do a couple of extra sessions, I’m happy to join you!


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