This Why Have you Not Bought This Yet brought to you by the power of joint support! Wrist wraps, knee wraps, elbow wraps etc…

Click here for Rogue’s version of them. There are tons of companies that make these things and I’m not saying one is better than the other, I just swear by the knee and wrist supports!

I never do any workout with my knee sleeves, even if we aren’t doing squats or anything. The provide a little bit of support, a little bit of joint warming and a LOT of mental confidence that my knees will hold up during the WOD.

Confidence goes a long way in increasing performance and simply by wearing these things regularly, I feel like my knees are given just that little bit of support that means I don’t have to think about them. One less thing to worry about is always a good idea.

The wrist wraps help anytime you are in that front-rack position. Especially for those of us who are still working on shoulder, elbow and wrist flexibility, having that support can take the pressure off a joint with a lot of moving parts!

Generally these things don’t cost a lot. Seriously, you can go on Amazon and get them from 15-60 bucks depending on your taste. I think I spent $11 on my wrist wraps and $30 for a pair of knee sleeves.

I don’t even care if 90% of it is simply the placebo effect. Seriously, I don’t because if I THINK it helps and I feel better during a workout, then who really cares if the effect is real or not?

Go. Get them. Now.


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