Establishing a Baseline

I feel like I didn’t accomplish any of my CrossFit goals last year.  In reflecting, I realized that this is because I didn’t establish any baselines and I didn’t really set any goals…I guess I just felt like whatever I did had to be better than I was (but how would I know????).  If you want to see your progress (in measurable increments) I do not recommend this approach and I decided to establish some of my own baselines (with my swole sister, of course) so hopefully in June and December we can remeasure and see if where we’re heading (if anywhere).

Of course the benchmark WODs are where we started when we wanted to establish some baselines….but which ones to choose?  We consulted our Sport Journals WOD Book ( which I highly recommend looking into if you are a “tracker” type of personality.  Together we decided to establish baselines for the following Girls:

Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks for Time (135/95).  

Grace Scaled to Perfection: My one rep max C&J is 85 pounds (6/30/16).  I think I’ll probably do Grace at 55 pounds.  Grace should last around 4:00 minutes, I don’t think i could do 65# in that time period but I might surprise myself (probably not).  Here’s a cool website that correlates 1RM for C&J with anticipated time to complete Grace which I thought was pretty neat: What’s a Good Grace Time? 

Cindy: 20 Minute AMRAP: 5 Pull Ups/10 Push Ups/15 Squats

Cindy Scaled to Perfection: No, I do not have pull ups but so many of these benchmarks mix them into the, well, mix.  My goal will be to get a resistance band so I could do assisted pull ups; if I can’t then, well, jumping pull ups it is.  I will also do the push ups on my knees because I get better upper body range of motion.

Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 Reps for Time: Double Unders/Sit Ups

Annie Scaled to Perfection: I don’t have consistent DUs yet so I’m going to do our box’s typical 3:1 single: DU ratio for this.  I can do sit ups, so no worries there.

Swole sista and I will be doing one of these per week, on a day that we don’t do a workout (this week it will be on Saturday).  Side project: we’re working on a jammin’ Spotify playlist to blare while we establish these baselines (and eventually smash them); we’ll share the link once it’s live.

On that note, what are your favorite songs to smash workouts to?  Leave them in the comments (you might find them on our playlist)!


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