WHYNBTY Wednesday and Goalz

This WHYNBTY Wednesday is brought to you by 2017 Goalz.  Yes, goalz with a Z because we are badass like that (goalz and gainz go together(z)).  Awhile back, a few of us were pondering about what to get our coaches for Christmas.  We finally settled on some totally awesome, custom gym gear but one idea we tossed around for awhile was a journal.  I got to thinking about that and pondering on my goals for CrossFit and life in 2017 and finally decided that I needed a journal to track my goalz.

A completely blank journal freaks me out so I decided to do some Googling and see if there were blank journal ideas, templates, or something out there that could help me guide my goal-making.  That’s when I stumbled across WODBook by Sports Journals.  I promptly ordered myself and my blog partner one (because I know she likes goalz and gainz too).  When it arrived, I was so in love.  There is structure but not so much that it becomes a stricture.  I am simply so excited to fill this thing out!  There are places for short-term and long-term goals, daily logging, a list of the girls and hero WODs with places to put in times to track improvement.  There are even travel WODs and past Open/Regionals/Games WODs for you to attempt.

This year, I have realized that our box does not do a lot of testing so I am hoping to test a few things on my own at the beginning and end of the year to see if I’ve made any improvement.  I am excited to keep this log for 2017 and see if I end up meeting any of my goalz (see next post).

You can get your own WODBook here – http://sportjournals.com/products/wodbook-classic.  There are several different versions of the WODBook but I went with the classic which is classy, just like me.



One thought on “WHYNBTY Wednesday and Goalz

  1. I’m going to add to this that these journals are AMAZE-BALLS! There is a wonderful article by Greg Glassman, some information about eating, all the benchmarks and Heros, workout ideas for travel and all kinds of fun things.

    So one of my goalz will be to enter our workouts into this journal for 2017. I know we don’t often repeat workouts, but perhaps we can try to do some benchmark stuff for some lifts/cardio things during the month of Jan and then repeat just those things at the end of the year. I will have to ponder some goalz to help my gainz!


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