Great Coaches

I’ve said for years that often the star players don’t make the best coaches. Great coaches need a completely different skill set than great players. Leadership, motivational skills, game planning, and an ability to understand your players, the stars as well as those players who will never be stars, but can be counted on to do anything.

Our box not only has star athletes, but they are all great coaches as well. Each one of them with the ability to push us past our limits. Somehow they know all of our abilities, our strengths, weaknesses and how to help us learn to overcome, challenge ourselves. But pushing isn’t enough. Anyone can be pushed and pushed and pushed until hey break or quit. A truly great coach knows when to stop pushing. And I’ve seen time and time again where I’ve been pushed much further than I would have pushed myself, but when I got to that breaking point, they knew!

Guys, find yourself a great coach, or better yet, an entire box full of them!


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