2017 Goalz – Laura’s Edition

So here we are at the precipice of 2017. I’m so ready to say goodbye to 2016 because what I THOUGHT was going to be a great year, full of PMA, gains, goals and greatness, basically fell apart and I was left with depression, anxiety, bills and a marriage that very nearly disintegrated.

Throughout the year, the one constant was CrossFit. Not that I felt that I was getting anywhere with it, but I kept going. It was the one place where I knew things weren’t going to change. I would show up, I would either walk out feeling like crap at my performance, or feeling on top of the world at my performance. There was nothing in the middle and I was perfectly okay with this. In fact, I needed this consistency in my otherwise chaotic life. (Don’t get me wrong, the things that happened were total #firstworldproblems and I am well aware so many others have it worse).

My Partner in Crime, my CrossFit Sista, my dear friend challenged me with setting some goalz (I think the z is more positive, right?!), and after a year of simply getting by, she’s right. I need goalz, or I will spend another year of few gains. And I don’t want gains; I want GAINZ!!

CrossFit goalz (there are so many, but I’m going to put just 4 into the world)…

  •      300 pound back squat
  •      Sub 2-min 500m row
  •      Rope climb
  •      Pull-ups

Eating/Nutrition goalz

  •      No more Diet Coke (ooooo…this one will hurt)
  •      No more alcohol (this was also the one constant this past year…this will also hurt)
  •      Hit my macros consistently (Sunday will be my biggest challenge)
  •      Cheat meals are occasional again

Personal/work goalz

  •      I’m on sabbatical this semester, so setting AND KEEPING a regular schedule
  •      Save enough for CrossFit Level 1 Certification (I don’t want to coach, I just need to know all the things…)
  •      Pay down the seemingly insurmountable debt that accrued from this past year
  •      Simplify my life, declutter, destress, live more purposefully
  •      Read more, Facebook less (yes, I know I said only four, but it’s my post and thus my rules)

And since Keri did one, I will too:

BIG, BOLD BODACIOUS GOAL – Find a way to reconnect with my family, my hubby in particular.




3 thoughts on “2017 Goalz – Laura’s Edition

  1. Getting rid of your upper and your downer? That is going to be painful! I know you can do it though!! I’m excited to check in on our progress over the next couple of months!

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