2017 Goalz – Keri’s Edition

So, 2017 is just around the corner…is it technically 4 days or 5 at this point?  Anyway, I was inspired by the Girls Gone WOD Podcast and thought we should send our 2017 goalz out into the world and then do some periodic checking-in to see how we’re doing.  I did want to cover several spheres of life and not have these be just CrossFit-centric goalz.  So, here we go:

CrossFit Goalz:

  1. Clean & Jerk 100# +
  2. Double Freaking Unders (string at least 10 together)
  3. Box Jumps
  4. Go Rowling

Nutrition/Health Goalz:

  1. Eat or drink at least one locally sourced item per day.
  2. Give up Starbucks.
  3. Get my steps in every day!

Personal/Work Goalz

  1. Log into Facebook once daily and then logout and don’t check it anymore.
  2. Volunteer once a month.
  3. Host a Chopped party or chili (paleo?) cook-off.
  4. Get my CCRC certification.


  1. Finish de-wallpapering my house (ugh)

Alright Laura, let’s see what you’ve got…..


4 thoughts on “2017 Goalz – Keri’s Edition

  1. Ooh, Keri, I can’t wait to see you meet all your goals!!! I bet you’ll get that 100# clean & jerk much sooner than you think. I love that you’re committing to eating locally sourced food; it’s a small choice that makes a huge positive impact! If you ever want help de-wallpapering, let me know! We can make a party of it. Also, when you have that chili cook-off, I have a mean spicy vegetarian chili to contribute…
    Happy 2017!


      • I am going to think of some goals right now! Borrowing your format:

        Crossfit Goalz:
        1. 100# snatch (this is a carry-over from my 2016 goals)
        2. Muscle-up
        3. Consistent double-unders

        Nutrition/Health Goalz:
        1. Reduced alcohol intake
        2. Regular meditation
        3. Eat clean 5 days per week.
        4. Stretch every day.

        Personal/Work Goalz:
        1. Let go of toxic friendships.
        2. Apply for a new job.
        3. Spend more quality time with the people I love.


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