Cold and Flu Season

It is finally deciding to behave like winter around these parts and along with the weather change we also welcome in cold and flu season.  I’ll just be honest and say that it didn’t mean a lot to me before I experienced the joys of cold and flu season with a child in daycare.  Before child (b.c.), I rarely got sick over the winter.  My mandatory hospital worker flu shot also kept me flu free.

Last winter was a complete shock to my system.  It was my first child and flu season with a child in daycare (who was 6 months old and put everything in his mouth just like all the 6 other kids in his class).  It. Was. Awful.  I was such every other day (okay, exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like).  I went to cross fit like once a month.  I felt like a loser!  I’m a nurse!  I’ve had tests on hand hygiene…. I realize how bugs work.  No amount of sanitizing and hand washing cloud save me. I was miserable.

This year has been considerably better. The bugs arent nearly as bad so I’m hoping we built up at least a little immunity last year.  Also, I’ve been working on making sure I get plenty of fruit and vitamin c.  So, there is hope!  I have to believe the first year is the worst year because you’re getting every bug for the first time.

Around here we’re getting over our first go around but it was short and there were no fevers, docs, or antibiotics so we’ll mark it as a win.



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