Too Legit To Quit

Guys, it finally happened…. I lost my mind last week.  Between craziness at work, craziness at home, and complete lack of enthusiasm about the gym…. I tried to quit the one thing that has made me the happiest since moving to Wooster (okay, besides the birth of my favorite tiny human).  So, all time low…. Right?  Well, luckily I have great coaches and even better CrossFit friends and I think I’m beginning to climb out of my rut instead of falling deeper into it.

I need to recommit myself to my practice.  Most importantly, I need to develop and commit to some goals.  In the past, I would choose an event….. Say… A marathon or a triathlon or a warrior dash…. These were my goals.  I haven’t quite figured out how to merge my love of goal setting and accomplishment that I enjoyed in the past to CrossFit.  Is it competition? Or something I need to measure on my own? I did a little research and found something that I think will help.  You’ll probably see a WHYNBTYW about it soon but I bought one for myself and one for my blog partner and I don’t want to give away what it is.  I think it’s a great tool and I’m excited to integrate it into my practice in 2017.

So, here’s me working on my commitment to myself and my CrossFit practice in 2017.  #bringit





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