You guys….

1gv5vmSo, I actually did 7 double unders in a row…. I’m basically ready for the CrossFit games now.

Oh, and I spent some time with my other nemesis:


Did the 12″.  The mirrors showed me I could clear the 18″ but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


2017 Goalz – Laura’s Edition

So here we are at the precipice of 2017. I’m so ready to say goodbye to 2016 because what I THOUGHT was going to be a great year, full of PMA, gains, goals and greatness, basically fell apart and I was left with depression, anxiety, bills and a marriage that very nearly disintegrated.

Throughout the year, the one constant was CrossFit. Not that I felt that I was getting anywhere with it, but I kept going. It was the one place where I knew things weren’t going to change. I would show up, I would either walk out feeling like crap at my performance, or feeling on top of the world at my performance. There was nothing in the middle and I was perfectly okay with this. In fact, I needed this consistency in my otherwise chaotic life. (Don’t get me wrong, the things that happened were total #firstworldproblems and I am well aware so many others have it worse).

My Partner in Crime, my CrossFit Sista, my dear friend challenged me with setting some goalz (I think the z is more positive, right?!), and after a year of simply getting by, she’s right. I need goalz, or I will spend another year of few gains. And I don’t want gains; I want GAINZ!!

CrossFit goalz (there are so many, but I’m going to put just 4 into the world)…

  •      300 pound back squat
  •      Sub 2-min 500m row
  •      Rope climb
  •      Pull-ups

Eating/Nutrition goalz

  •      No more Diet Coke (ooooo…this one will hurt)
  •      No more alcohol (this was also the one constant this past year…this will also hurt)
  •      Hit my macros consistently (Sunday will be my biggest challenge)
  •      Cheat meals are occasional again

Personal/work goalz

  •      I’m on sabbatical this semester, so setting AND KEEPING a regular schedule
  •      Save enough for CrossFit Level 1 Certification (I don’t want to coach, I just need to know all the things…)
  •      Pay down the seemingly insurmountable debt that accrued from this past year
  •      Simplify my life, declutter, destress, live more purposefully
  •      Read more, Facebook less (yes, I know I said only four, but it’s my post and thus my rules)

And since Keri did one, I will too:

BIG, BOLD BODACIOUS GOAL – Find a way to reconnect with my family, my hubby in particular.



2017 Goalz – Keri’s Edition

So, 2017 is just around the corner…is it technically 4 days or 5 at this point?  Anyway, I was inspired by the Girls Gone WOD Podcast and thought we should send our 2017 goalz out into the world and then do some periodic checking-in to see how we’re doing.  I did want to cover several spheres of life and not have these be just CrossFit-centric goalz.  So, here we go:

CrossFit Goalz:

  1. Clean & Jerk 100# +
  2. Double Freaking Unders (string at least 10 together)
  3. Box Jumps
  4. Go Rowling

Nutrition/Health Goalz:

  1. Eat or drink at least one locally sourced item per day.
  2. Give up Starbucks.
  3. Get my steps in every day!

Personal/Work Goalz

  1. Log into Facebook once daily and then logout and don’t check it anymore.
  2. Volunteer once a month.
  3. Host a Chopped party or chili (paleo?) cook-off.
  4. Get my CCRC certification.


  1. Finish de-wallpapering my house (ugh)

Alright Laura, let’s see what you’ve got…..

WHYNBTY Wednesday and Goalz

This WHYNBTY Wednesday is brought to you by 2017 Goalz.  Yes, goalz with a Z because we are badass like that (goalz and gainz go together(z)).  Awhile back, a few of us were pondering about what to get our coaches for Christmas.  We finally settled on some totally awesome, custom gym gear but one idea we tossed around for awhile was a journal.  I got to thinking about that and pondering on my goals for CrossFit and life in 2017 and finally decided that I needed a journal to track my goalz.

A completely blank journal freaks me out so I decided to do some Googling and see if there were blank journal ideas, templates, or something out there that could help me guide my goal-making.  That’s when I stumbled across WODBook by Sports Journals.  I promptly ordered myself and my blog partner one (because I know she likes goalz and gainz too).  When it arrived, I was so in love.  There is structure but not so much that it becomes a stricture.  I am simply so excited to fill this thing out!  There are places for short-term and long-term goals, daily logging, a list of the girls and hero WODs with places to put in times to track improvement.  There are even travel WODs and past Open/Regionals/Games WODs for you to attempt.

This year, I have realized that our box does not do a lot of testing so I am hoping to test a few things on my own at the beginning and end of the year to see if I’ve made any improvement.  I am excited to keep this log for 2017 and see if I end up meeting any of my goalz (see next post).

You can get your own WODBook here –  There are several different versions of the WODBook but I went with the classic which is classy, just like me.


Great Coaches

I’ve said for years that often the star players don’t make the best coaches. Great coaches need a completely different skill set than great players. Leadership, motivational skills, game planning, and an ability to understand your players, the stars as well as those players who will never be stars, but can be counted on to do anything.

Our box not only has star athletes, but they are all great coaches as well. Each one of them with the ability to push us past our limits. Somehow they know all of our abilities, our strengths, weaknesses and how to help us learn to overcome, challenge ourselves. But pushing isn’t enough. Anyone can be pushed and pushed and pushed until hey break or quit. A truly great coach knows when to stop pushing. And I’ve seen time and time again where I’ve been pushed much further than I would have pushed myself, but when I got to that breaking point, they knew!

Guys, find yourself a great coach, or better yet, an entire box full of them!


Today’s version of Why Have You Not Bought This Yet should be more aptly entitled, Why Are You Not Listening To This Yet? If you are into Crossfit at all, you must go subscribe to the podcast “Girls Gone WOD”. It’s on iTunes, but you can find their website HERE. They have about 180 episodes now and seem to create them faster than I can listen to them. They also have blog if you prefer to read things.

Seriously…Go. Now. Binge.

You’re welcome.

Strange Feelz

This time of year always has me feeling weird, but lately I’ve been feeling weird because several of the newer folks in the gym have told me they look up to me and enjoy watching me work; that I am an inspiration to them.

Part of me is really proud of this. After all, I’ve been doing this crossfit thing for two and a half years now, so HOPEFULLY I have some skills. Deep down inside though, I don’t really believe in my own abilities (see Lack of confidence), so the fact that someone looks up to these non-existent abilities is very strange. I just want to say, “You should really find a REAL crossfitter to admire”. I mean, look at me. I weigh basically what I weighed when I started, I’m not really any skinnier (I mean, I am, but I don’t think I look like it); my belly jelly rolls are all still very much in tact and I still can’t do: pull-ups, rope climbs, hand stand push-ups, toes-to-bar, pistols, and my double unders are barely there. So why are these folks admiring me? What in the world is there to admire?

Some positives. I DO show up consistently. I rarely miss a day; when I do miss a day, some work thing (usually travel) has gotten in the way. I’m really quite strong; I’m almost always tops in the box at the lifting part. If one compares me to other women my age, I am certainly up there in terms of strength. I have improved my performance in so many things, in so many ways!  I’ve NEVER had good cardio ability, even in high school and college athletics. I always played the positions that didn’t really require a lot of running (keeper in soccer, catcher in softball, bench warmer in basketball and shot-put in track), but I have gotten better.

Proof of performance increases. During the 2015 Crossfit Open, for the very last workout, 15.5 (27, 21, 15, 9: Calorie row and thrusters at 65) I did the Rx weight and it took me 22:38. The ENTIRE box was cheering me on. My coach even took video of this. I was mortified. It’s cool, but embarrassing to have the entire group cheering you on. I was barely able to pull 500 on the rower by the end and was doing my thrusters in groups of 1. We did this same workout this week and I did it in 14:02. So this is a HUGE improvement; I was very pleased with myself. There was evidence that although I’m not skinny, I’m getting better.

Yet I still don’t know how I feel about being looked up to. Like they should look up to folks who are faster, stronger, better. But maybe, just maybe, I’m worthy of this and have something to offer.