Lack of confidence

Ok …. so today it would seem that I’m the only person on the planet who joined crossfit and has LOST confidence as a result. Two plus years and there are a million things I cannot do (coaches would have me say “not in my skill set”). I’m STILL one of the slowest in the box. I haven’t really lost any weight. Blah blah blah …. whine whine whine…

But the biggest disappointment came when I read one of the coaches’ comments about competitiveness. I USED to be highly competitive. I used to not just love winning, but HATE losing. I’ve never really done anything where I didn’t excel, until crossfit. And I’ve competed a number of times and do love the extra push that comes from competition. But …. I’ve come in last so many times now that basically I just expect to come in last.

What happened to my drive? I think it went with my confidence. And I’m not sure how to get either back …. but I’m not going to let that stop me from showing up at the box and continuing to work!


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