A new experience

Guys, today I experienced something in my gym that I’ve never had before and I don’t know how I feel about it.

I was getting my sweats on after the workout and some folks were entering their times into Wodify. The next class was warming up and stretching. And the guys from my 5am group were casually chatting with 2 guys from the 6am group.

The one guy entering his numbers into Wodify asked the coach if shoulder touches were still Rx and he was told no. He thanked him and entered his numbers into the computer. One of the 6am guys made a rather nasty comment to him about scaling and shoulder touches being wimpy.

Now I spent the workout doing shoulder touches (my other option was muscle ups – yeah, right), and I felt perfectly fine with this scaled version that still gave a great shoulder workout. Most of the athletes in the gym did this version!

Here’s my issue…I have NEVER experienced any kind of downplay, insulting or even joking around about how scaling is bad, wimpy, ‘girly’, or any other derogatory word. Granted, this was from an athlete to another athlete (both of these athletes are really quite good), but it got me thinking that if that had been my first week, I might have walked out and not come back. I wouldn’t be able to recognize at that point that scaling isn’t bad. It was never meant to imply those athletes weren’t as good as other athletes.

Regardless, it’s been on my mind and I find that I’m really annoyed by this and now I can’t help but wonder how many other of the really good athletes in my gym have this attitude. Like I shouldn’t be there because I’m scaling many of the workouts.

Oh well…going to try to put this out of my mind and get back to getting stronger every day.


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