My Kool-Aid Tastes Funny

Warning: whining

Apathy reigns.  I’m feeling so down about CrossFit recently.  I can’t get excited to go to the gym, I don’t make the time to go, I don’t feel like it.  One thing I learned when I was running frequently (see: pretending to be a marathoner) I complained that I never had time to run… I did!  I just didn’t make time for it because I didn’t enjoy it.

When we started doing CrossFit, I realized I would make time to do the things I really wanted to do… Which is why we go to the 5am class.  But, in the past year, I would say my attendance at 5am downright sucks. Why???  I could make excuses all day.  Even when I do go, I don’t get that accomplished feeling frequently.  I sometimes feel more frustrated when I leave than when I walked in.

So… What’s wrong with my Kool-Aid?  Going to 5am CrossFit used to be my favorite thing… Time to hang out with my husband (can’t do that anymore), get a great workout in an hour (now more like 1h 15m which is hard when you have to get to work), and let frustrations go (I don’t share well which often increases my frustrations for overpopulated morning classes).

I was excited for the double under challenge for November.  I love having a goal to work for. 1000 DU may not seem like a lot but I’ve done 50 so far.  Then again, I’ve only set aside 45 minutes.

Ugh, I need a lift out of this rut!  Help me CrossFit gods!






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