Double Under Challenge

At my box, for the month of November the coaches have challenged us to get 1000 double unders (forces us to practice). We are half way through and I only have 220. I’m actually quite proud of this 220 because they are probably the hardest fought 220 double unders anyone has ever completed. It took me a week to get to 50. But now I’m doing 1 DU, 1 single, 1 DU, 1 single etc etc … And I can get about 15 before I get stopped because they are EXHAUSTING!!!

I’m fairly certain they aren’t supposed to be this exhausting. So I assume I’m 1. not doing them efficiently (duh…) and 2. tensing all my muscles and 3. I still suck at cardio.

I really want 1000, but I’m probably not going to get there. I’m fine with this. But I will still try to get as far as I possibly can toward that 1000 and hopefully, get a little better every time I practice.

As an aside, I was practicing on Monday, and smacked myself with that dang rope so hard I was bleeding. I took that as a sign I needed to stop…


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