These are so hard to come up with regularly (as you can tell by my not so regular posts for our feature). But I think today’s posting should be about shoes. There are number of brands of shoes, and probably not one is really better than the other. I see Converse, Nike, Adidas and Reebok shoes at our box and they all seem to have similar features, but getting a shoe that IS NOT a running shoe will really help the workouts, especially the lifting.

Running shoes are designed to help a person lean forward, assisting with running on the toes, making for a more natural running stance. They also have a “squishy” bottom to help cushion the impact.

Crossfit shoes, lifting shoes and other flat-bottom shoes allow the foot to remain flat, helping the body maintain a more natural position for lifting and not have to counter a shoe that wants to lean the body forward.

I use Reebok Nano’s, but see a lot of other things in the gym. I cannot speak to other shoes, but I love my Nano’s! Get out of your running shoes and into some specialty shoes; you can often find them on sale!


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