Lack of confidence

Ok …. so today it would seem that I’m the only person on the planet who joined crossfit and has LOST confidence as a result. Two plus years and there are a million things I cannot do (coaches would have me say “not in my skill set”). I’m STILL one of the slowest in the box. I haven’t really lost any weight. Blah blah blah …. whine whine whine…

But the biggest disappointment came when I read one of the coaches’ comments about competitiveness. I USED to be highly competitive. I used to not just love winning, but HATE losing. I’ve never really done anything where I didn’t excel, until crossfit. And I’ve competed a number of times and do love the extra push that comes from competition. But …. I’ve come in last so many times now that basically I just expect to come in last.

What happened to my drive? I think it went with my confidence. And I’m not sure how to get either back …. but I’m not going to let that stop me from showing up at the box and continuing to work!


A new experience

Guys, today I experienced something in my gym that I’ve never had before and I don’t know how I feel about it.

I was getting my sweats on after the workout and some folks were entering their times into Wodify. The next class was warming up and stretching. And the guys from my 5am group were casually chatting with 2 guys from the 6am group.

The one guy entering his numbers into Wodify asked the coach if shoulder touches were still Rx and he was told no. He thanked him and entered his numbers into the computer. One of the 6am guys made a rather nasty comment to him about scaling and shoulder touches being wimpy.

Now I spent the workout doing shoulder touches (my other option was muscle ups – yeah, right), and I felt perfectly fine with this scaled version that still gave a great shoulder workout. Most of the athletes in the gym did this version!

Here’s my issue…I have NEVER experienced any kind of downplay, insulting or even joking around about how scaling is bad, wimpy, ‘girly’, or any other derogatory word. Granted, this was from an athlete to another athlete (both of these athletes are really quite good), but it got me thinking that if that had been my first week, I might have walked out and not come back. I wouldn’t be able to recognize at that point that scaling isn’t bad. It was never meant to imply those athletes weren’t as good as other athletes.

Regardless, it’s been on my mind and I find that I’m really annoyed by this and now I can’t help but wonder how many other of the really good athletes in my gym have this attitude. Like I shouldn’t be there because I’m scaling many of the workouts.

Oh well…going to try to put this out of my mind and get back to getting stronger every day.

My Kool-Aid Tastes Funny

Warning: whining

Apathy reigns.  I’m feeling so down about CrossFit recently.  I can’t get excited to go to the gym, I don’t make the time to go, I don’t feel like it.  One thing I learned when I was running frequently (see: pretending to be a marathoner) I complained that I never had time to run… I did!  I just didn’t make time for it because I didn’t enjoy it.

When we started doing CrossFit, I realized I would make time to do the things I really wanted to do… Which is why we go to the 5am class.  But, in the past year, I would say my attendance at 5am downright sucks. Why???  I could make excuses all day.  Even when I do go, I don’t get that accomplished feeling frequently.  I sometimes feel more frustrated when I leave than when I walked in.

So… What’s wrong with my Kool-Aid?  Going to 5am CrossFit used to be my favorite thing… Time to hang out with my husband (can’t do that anymore), get a great workout in an hour (now more like 1h 15m which is hard when you have to get to work), and let frustrations go (I don’t share well which often increases my frustrations for overpopulated morning classes).

I was excited for the double under challenge for November.  I love having a goal to work for. 1000 DU may not seem like a lot but I’ve done 50 so far.  Then again, I’ve only set aside 45 minutes.

Ugh, I need a lift out of this rut!  Help me CrossFit gods!





Double Under Challenge

At my box, for the month of November the coaches have challenged us to get 1000 double unders (forces us to practice). We are half way through and I only have 220. I’m actually quite proud of this 220 because they are probably the hardest fought 220 double unders anyone has ever completed. It took me a week to get to 50. But now I’m doing 1 DU, 1 single, 1 DU, 1 single etc etc … And I can get about 15 before I get stopped because they are EXHAUSTING!!!

I’m fairly certain they aren’t supposed to be this exhausting. So I assume I’m 1. not doing them efficiently (duh…) and 2. tensing all my muscles and 3. I still suck at cardio.

I really want 1000, but I’m probably not going to get there. I’m fine with this. But I will still try to get as far as I possibly can toward that 1000 and hopefully, get a little better every time I practice.

As an aside, I was practicing on Monday, and smacked myself with that dang rope so hard I was bleeding. I took that as a sign I needed to stop…

Row row row your ….. rower

I rowed well today!!!

You have no idea how momentous this is for me. I’m not great with cardio and I thought I was doing ok with the rowing, but it was simply something I would never be good at doing.

Two weeks ago, one of the coaches said “Move the handle up higher on the pull”. Something clicked and all of a sudden, rowing is easy. Well….easy isn’t quite the right word, but I’m pulling harder and I feel like I’m using the same amount of energy so it actually feels good!

Today we had 45 sec max effort rowing followed by 10 deadlifts, eight rounds E3MOM (every 3 minutes on the minute). So the faster you got done, the more you got to rest. Now I LOVE to deadlift, but ever since my coach said that one little sentence about rowing, I was looking forward to a WOD with rowing!

Was I number one for calories rowed? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I rowed. I rowed strongly. I rowed well and I felt great at the end of the workout.


These are so hard to come up with regularly (as you can tell by my not so regular posts for our feature). But I think today’s posting should be about shoes. There are number of brands of shoes, and probably not one is really better than the other. I see Converse, Nike, Adidas and Reebok shoes at our box and they all seem to have similar features, but getting a shoe that IS NOT a running shoe will really help the workouts, especially the lifting.

Running shoes are designed to help a person lean forward, assisting with running on the toes, making for a more natural running stance. They also have a “squishy” bottom to help cushion the impact.

Crossfit shoes, lifting shoes and other flat-bottom shoes allow the foot to remain flat, helping the body maintain a more natural position for lifting and not have to counter a shoe that wants to lean the body forward.

I use Reebok Nano’s, but see a lot of other things in the gym. I cannot speak to other shoes, but I love my Nano’s! Get out of your running shoes and into some specialty shoes; you can often find them on sale!

Happy Moments

  1. We didn’t come in last at our competition! (8 of 16)
  2. I learned a lot about timing when you have only 6 minutes to find a max on a lift

In other news, one of the athletes at my box did her very first box jumps at my encouragement. She’d always done step-ups and was so very nervous. I turned a box to the 15″ and said let’s give it a try. So she did and she was so proud of herself. It made my day. It was a very small taste of what the coaches must feel watching us “get” something.