Why Have You Not Bought This Yet?

Notice this time I left out the day of the week!  haha

I’m sure if you are reading this, you have already signed up for CrossFit classes. But perhaps you are on the fence about the benefits vs your fears. Here are some of the common fears people have about CrossFit (or, at least these are ones I had before I fell in love with it).

  1. I’m scared to work out in front of people. I had this fear! This was my number one fear in fact. I had done a lot of the Beachbody workouts and really loved them. I had some great success from them and loved working out in my basement, where I didn’t have to worry about other people seeing me sweat, seeing me fail at movements and seeing me struggle to do the cardio-based DVD’s. I was petrified that when I walked through those doors, the highly fit people would laugh at me, call me fat, tell me I’m no good and shame me right out that door into never coming back. Indeed there were a lot of people who were really in shape there and the coach was in the best shape of all. But none of my fears were realized. Those incredible athletes HELPED me finish. The coach showed me how to not injure myself and how to modify the workout so I could get through it. Two+ years later all of these things hold true and now I cannot imagine working out alone, where I don’t have to worry about poor form, where modifications are based on my skill level.
  2. I will get hurt. You can get hurt doing any type of exercise. You can get hurt falling down the steps, or tripping on Lego that children always manage to place exactly where you want to step. The best part about CrossFit is there is a coach right there making sure you are 1. motivated to keep pushing through the suck and 2. continually checking and correcting your form if needed. They modify the workout based on your skill level and help you select an appropriate weight for a movement, especially while you are getting stronger and are scaling workouts. And if you do get injured, the coaches are there to modify the workouts around your injury while you heal!
  3. It’s expensive. This one can be a bit harder to ignore, especially compared to working out at home. Once you purchase the DVD programs, you have them and you don’t really need to buy anything else. Once that treadmill or elliptical is purchased there isn’t anything else you need to purchase. But you also only get those DVD’s and when those get boring, or the treadmill/elliptical becomes unbearably boring (that happened to me). If you want to do something different, you have to get another program, or a new machine. One of the things you get at CrossFit is constantly changing programming that you don’t have to think about. The trained CrossFit coach does that for you. The other athletes keep you motivated to keep coming, unlike other ‘normal’ gyms where you pay a membership, have to think about what you are doing to do, may or may not use all the machines (thus you are paying for other members to use those machines) and, if statistics are to be believed, a good percentage of people pay those fees monthly and don’t go. In that case, you are paying for nothing. What about personal training? This can run anywhere frmo 40-100 per session. So going 3 times per week really gets expensive. Going once a week and doing the rest at home means, again, you are alone, no one is checking form and no one is there motivating you to work harder, push through. Finally, becoming obese, getting Type-2 Diabetes and having to deal with the medical costs will be far more expensive than monthly gym fees.

I know it may be scary; I know you are worried it’s not for you. I had all those fears. But I found a community of friends, coaches who care about me, my health, my skills and ensuring I can get through the workouts. My health is better, my clothes fit better (I have to buy new ones), and I’m making better food choices. It has been worth every penny; it will be for you too, I promise.


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