Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wed (Friday)

I should probably just change the title of this to Why Have you Not Bought This Yet , since making sure I do something on Wed seems near impossible. But I do have something that you should do for yourself: get a deep tissue massage.

CrossFitters (and other intense athletes) spend a lot of time working hard in the gym, lifting heavy, running fast (well….not me; I’m more like a platypus), rowing hard, tossing stones around like feathers. All that work can cause muscle soreness, which is usually only a minor irritation, but it can also irritate ligaments and tendons and that is usually far more irritating and, often, takes longer to heal fully.

Find yourself an expert in massage therapy and get that person to work on these sore areas, a few at a time and you will be surprised at the result. I’ve been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury. The doctor said it was muscular and to rest up; for the past 6 weeks my incredible coaches have been modifying all my workouts, not allowing me to use the shoulder. I’ve been regularly utilizing my TENS machine to provide extra stimulation and that has been helping as well.

I finally worked up the courage to see the massage therapist from the box. I’ve seen him before for various things and he’s really incredible, but I knew this would hurt and wow! It did!! He worked on my shoulder, exclusively, for an hour and I ended up bruised and seemingly more sore than when I started. But after 24 hours, I had more mobility and less pain. The following Monday (I saw him Friday), I used the shoulder for a workout for the first time in 6 weeks. I didn’t use much weight, but I did press overhead. The next day was bench pressing, the exact move where I was injured. Again, I didn’t use a lot of weight, but as able to do the move. Am I 100%? No, but I fully believe that another session would really help me.

So my advice is to schedule a deep tissue massage. Get that hip released, the quads worked, the shoulder pressed and the lower back worked on. It will be the most painful and the most wonderful thing ever. I promise.


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