Why have you not bought this yet Wednesday (Thursday)…

Once again, I have neglected our weekly topic to plug something we’ve fallen in love with. And I have to admit that I spent quite a bit of time trying to think of something because there are so many things that I really love.

I’ve decided to look at the Cyclone Cup. Cyclone Cup  This product came a couple of months ago in one of my WODBOM boxes and it quickly became my favorite shaker cup!

The cup has a small base for storing the protein powder. The top has a cone-shaped “thing” to ensure the powder mixes well. The water portion of the cup holds 20oz and is clearly marked so you can get the amount of water you need.

I use this regularly and I have NEVER had the powder clump, which often happens with the shakers that use the metal ball. And since I usually buy the cheaper powders, getting is mixed is important.

And while I LOVE this bottle, I do have two minor issues with it:

1. The powder cup only holds enough for one scoop of powder. Someone who needed 2 scoops for their serving size is SOL or is mixing two drinks. As I only use one scoop, it’s fine for me, but I can imagine I would be annoyed if my portion size was 2 and I needed to make 2 shakes.

2. The way the lid works means you can only drink from the bottle from one direction. You cannot rotate the cup to drink from a different portion. And since you have just shaken the contents, the portion that covers the drinking hole has some liquid in it. The first time I used the cup, it dripped in my eye. I quickly learned to lick the lid!

I do feel this is a quality product. It’s dishwasher safe, effectively shakes up the powder and comes in a wide variety of colors! If you use protein powders regularly, it’s a good product.


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