Okay, I’m switching it up from went have you not bought this to why have you not downloaded this yet??!!

I am terrible about drinking enough water in a day.  Terrible!  When I used to work on the unit, it was not unusual for me to go a full 12 hour shift drinking a medium coffee at the beginning and some sort of sugary beverage in the middle and then an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day.  Terrible!

Then my friend @scaledtoperfection introduced me to the app “Plant Nanny”.  It’s a free app that you helps you track your water intake.  You can add containers of different sizes (mine is set up for my 500mL water bottle at work). Each time you finish the container, you water your adorable, bouncing plant that you are trying to keep alive. Here’s my current project:


Adorable. Plus, it has helped me tremendously to increase my water intake to a healthy level.

Go forth and download!  Enjoy!



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