Benefit From Your Benefits

I’m spicing things up with a little work talk.  Well, not work specifically but benefits you get through work.  I can’t express to you enough to go out and explore your benefits and see what exactly is available.

Some benefits are hidden and may take some time to dig around.  Blue Cross/blue shield has some amazing programs such as the New Moms Program that helps educates women during pregnancy and even includes a post-partum depression screening. If you complete the visits you not only gain a lot of knowledge about what your body is going through, you also get gift cards at every visit completion!  BC/BS also offers a gym membership that is basically universal…. You sign up and you can use the card at any gym on the network (FOR FREE!!!). In Wooster, the network gyms are 24 hour fitness, health point, and the Y!  I’m only a 3-4 day a week crossfitter so it’s great to be able to have a 24 hour gym membership in case I can’t make it on time to class or to use on my days off to get my box jumps (really, it’s going to happen one day).

Another great benefit I found through the hospital where I work. As an employee, Summa offers dietician services for $4 per week.  This includes review of your eating habits, a sit-down session with a registered dietician, and advice every single week!  I was thrilled to sign up for the program.  I have my accountability in the gym (thanks, friends) and now I will have accountability in the kitchen.  So far I’ve gotten a lot of great advice.. I’m paying a lot more attention to my macros and I’m learning a lot from the expert about how to fuel my body for the every day.

So, go out and explore your benefits!  You never know what might be waiting to be discovered!







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