When does this get easier?

I actually asked this of one of my coaches a few months ago and he laughed and said ‘never’. It’s taken me quite some time to ponder what he meant by this and I think I finally found my answer.

It really never gets easier. Yes, you might acquire a move that you’ve been struggling with (damn you double unders) and that might make a particular workout easier for you, or at least make you happier with your performance in that workout. You might find that several days go by and you are crushing the WODs because they happened to have several moves that you like and/or are really good at doing. Maybe you have recovered from an injury and can now move without pain and are no longer having to modify the moves, and so that makes things seem easier.

All of those things are great, but they really aren’t what I meant when I asked that question. I think what I meant was “when do I get to feel like I’m not struggling ALL THE DAMN TIME”?

Before I answer this…I had the pleasure of watching several of the coaches at my box compete this past weekend. Seeing the control they have over their bodies, their strength, style and grace was truly an inspirational thing. Toward the end of one of the workouts, one of the coaches was doing the clean and jerk at 305 pounds. He cleaned it like he was holding feathers and then FAILED IN THE JERK. I’d never seen him fail at anything. He shrugged it off and continued the rest of the WOD, pounding out 52 unbroken hand-stand push-ups like they were nothing. He posted the video of himself failing to the box’s Facebook page with the caption “there is always more work to be done”.

That’s when it hit me. It NEVER gets easier. You DO get stronger. You DO master moves. You DO learn new skills. You DO get to add more weight. But if a workout is “easy”, you didn’t workout hard enough, or you didn’t have enough weight on the bar. There will ALWAYS be something you can do to improve a move, your speed, or your skills. Maybe you can do toes-to-bar (I’m jealous if you can), but you require a lot of kipping right now. So to make things easier, you work on using less motion, improving your efficiency. This means that you can do them faster, or do more of them. That doesn’t mean they are easy; you make it harder by doing them faster or more in a row because you are moving more efficiently.

So my coach is right. It shouldn’t get easier. I should get more efficient, so I can work harder, faster, longer, stronger!


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