Goalz….Do you NEED them?

We all have goals. Graduate high school, get a job, go to college, graduate college, get a job, get promoted etc etc etc. Our lives have probably revolved around goals from the time we were little and our families asked things like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That seemingly innocent question starts the tiny human down the road to goals.

Goals are actually a great motivator. If you currently can’t do something, stating that you want to do the thing and then creating a plan to do the thing can help solidify in your mind that you will one day do the thing. If you talk to just about every top athlete in any sport, they say they visualize their path to winning before it happens.

What if you are not an elite athlete? You are just a regular schmo trying to get a little better, trying to make sure your body is still functional at 60? Do you still need goals? I would argue that yes, you too, need goals (if you prefer: goalz).

Why do you need goalz? Humans are very goal oriented. We love to be rewarded for doing the things. The rewards don’t have to be complicated either. If you play video games, how many times have you gotten stuck and had to do just this one part several times before you could move on? It became a goal and you stuck with it and did it. What was the reward? Getting to an even harder part and continuing to play the game! Why do we practice something? Because we can’t currently do that something, or do it very well, and we want to get better. So we practice the piano, practice shuffling cards, practice whistling. All things that are certainly not a survival skill per se, but if you can’t do them and you WANT to do them, practicing will help you attain that goal! Do you want to be able to do double unders? You need to practice doing double unders. Yes, mastering the single is imperative, but once you can do singles, practicing singles only makes you better at singles; it doesn’t help you learn doubles. Same if you have doubles, and want triples…everything is always a scaled version of something else. {For those of you with triples, here is your next goal: Jump Rope mastery

How many goalz do you need? I can’t really answer that. For some people, one goal is enough. They work to attain that, and when they do, they find another goal. Others may have several goalz in mind. Some might have 3 CrossFit goals, 2 work goalz and 4 family goals. Only you can decide what is right for you. I have 4 basic CrossFit goalz that I outlined for 2016 and it looks like all four will be on my 2017 goal list as well (a shoulder injury is NOT helping matters here). I’m bummed by this, but also recognize that I need to work at my own pace, and not anyone else’s pace.

So, set a goal. Heck, set several goalz. Work hard to smash them. Then set more goalz!


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