Why Have you Not Bought This Yet Wednesday?!

The Power of the Mighty Muffin! This is a miracle product that came in a WodBom box a couple of months ago (seriously check out WodBom – my wodding sister had a great post about it last week).

Mighty Muffin

A seemingly regular cup of powder + 1/4 cup of water + 1 minute in the microwave and POOF! Magic yumminess is achieved! I seriously have no idea what is in these things (there are several different flavors, but the peanut butter and the chocolate are my favorite) and it sure seems like some type of sorcery is involved, but if you need a quick snack on the go, this is it!

They have 20g of protein and are only 240 calories making them a great snack for that time when you might otherwise reach for your wallet/purse and head off to the vending machine.

FlapJacked has several protein packed products for folks looking to add a bit of punch to foods that are otherwise typically comfort foods. Pancake/waffle mixes, their mighty muffin all in a variety of flavors. I know there are times when I really am torn between wanting to eat “clean” and really feeling a need for a sweet snack or comfort food like pancakes. This is a fantastic in-between alternative.

Am I saying you should eat these every day? No. But I keep on in my desk at work because sometimes I forget to pack enough food, and sometimes I’m really really really tempted to hit the vending machine and I find this better than most of the alternatives.

Give them a shot. They are relatively inexpensive and often on sale!

Again, I’m not sponsored by them (I wish…I would wear all their gear in a heartbeat!), but have really enjoyed eating their Might Muffins on a semi-regular basis.


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