Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesdays

So, I thought we should try to have a little feature on Wednesdays.  It’s no Throwback Thursday but it’ll have to do.  I think “Why Have You Not Bought This Yet Wednesday” will highlight products that either one of us have tried, enjoyed, and really thought “Why have I not bought this yet”.  Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have fancy corporate sponsors telling us to plug their items…these are just things we have legit tried and legit love and are happy that we did take the plunge and bought them….whatever they happen to be.

I think for my first post, I’ll highlight the WODBOM box.  I LOVE this monthly CrossFit subscription box.  Honestly, most of the other items I highlight on WHYNBTY Wednesday likely come from a WODBOM box.  You can check out their website at http://wodbom.com/.   One of the best things about this subscription box is that it has Active-Duty Army ownership.  I love supporting the people who support our country!  I have also seen Ohio-based companies supported by WODBOM (Doc Spartan – http://www.docspartan.com/) A few other things that I love about this subscription box is that almost every box comes with a sweet t-shirt, full size samples (!!), and products that I literally would not be able to find in Wooster, Ohio.  A few awesome things that I have gotten in my 5 months of subscription so far include: magic chalk! it’s a liquid….no it’s chalk….it’s liquid chalk!!, rope climb socks from LiveSore, and WOD Dice which we put to good use a few months ago at DCF when each class had a new, different WOD decided by the dice gods.  The ONLY item that I have gotten in this box that I really didn’t like was a protein bar made out of cricket flour.  Yes, crickets.  Now…I had to try it because…….cricket flour.  I will say that it didn’t taste bad but the seeds they put in with it were crunchy and I couldn’t not think about exoskeletons.  Overall, it was tasty but the thought of it put me off.

Subscription to the WODBOM box costs $34/month (if you go with the 3 month subscription – there are 1 month and 6 month options with different prices).  I highly recommend giving it a shot.


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