Celebrating Community

Readers! My partner in “crime” on this blog, and good friend posted to Facebook that she loved that I celebrate “other people’s victories as much as my own” and I’ve been on a high all day because of this. But perhaps it’s not for the reason you think.

Yes, a good, heartfelt complement really does go a long way to making a person’s day a little brighter, the smile a little bigger. But it really got me thinking about one of the things that always comes up when people talk about CrossFit: community.

I remember my first “real” WOD. Three rounds of 20 slam balls and 30 lunges. I was dead on the first round. This was much harder than anything I’d ever done and much harder than any of the On Ramp workouts of the previous two weeks. I was half way through my second round when most of the rest of the class was finished. Two people came by my side and started doing lunges with me and encouraging me on the slam balls. Now these two people were FIT! The kind of fit I wanted to be. They didn’t make fun of me; they didn’t laugh. They didn’t even finish their workout and walk away. They worked out MORE to encourage me.

During my first CrossFit Open there was a WOD with thrusters and calorie rowing. I took longer than anyone else (there is a theme here, a theme that continues to this day). The ENTIRE GYM was cheering me on, clapping, yelling and making sure I didn’t give up. This was the community I had joined. I didn’t believe it that first night. But by my first Open, I really understood the meaning of the word.

So I take that seriously. I’m rarely the first to finish. I still often finish dead last in my class (this is just fine; I’m way better than I was 2 years ago). But when I do get done before other athletes, I make sure that everyone gets a few encouraging words. I will bust out burpees, pushups, squats whatever, to help that person through those last few if need be. Everyone is there for their own reason, has their own goals and their own CrossFit dreams. I want to make sure that all the athletes feel as welcomed as I did, as I continue to feel. CrossFit: welcome to our family.


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