Recovery is Important

As you well know, we competed in a two-day CrossFit competition recently. It’s now three days post-competition and I’m STILL tired, achy, sore and (yes, I will admit it) grouchy from the aches and pains. After doing this type of intense exercise for just over two years, you would think that I’m used to being sore, or that I don’t get sore. WRONG. I seem to exist in a fog of sore muscles.

Two years ago, I started my CrossFit journey with three days per week. After about 6 months, I went to four days and after about 8 months, I went to 5 days per week with the occasional summer extra session, or the very occasional Saturday session. So for the past 16 months, I’ve been generally going 5 days per week; I rarely miss a session. Until now. And I’m coming to grips with this because I feel like a failure when I miss my WOD.

But I am also old enough to perhaps admit a few things publicly and not really worry about them.

  1. I’m not 25 and will not recover like a 25 year old. It is okay for me to take a few extra days off (if you ARE 25 and need a few days to recover – TAKE IT).
  2. Recovery plays an important role in future performance.
  3. Perhaps 1 competition per month this year was too much.
  4. It’s entirely possible I’m not quite the athlete I once was (or thought I was)

Some of these are harder to admit than others. But in the end, I have to learn to listen to my body and take the rest I need. And should I need to take a few weeks of 3x per week instead of 5, that’s okay too. I supposedly do CrossFit so I can still move in 20+ years, but if I don’t learn to listen, that might not be the case because my knees will simply break and force me to take time off, and who wants that?!


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