Scaled Competition

We competed (with another amazing Declaration CrossFit athlete) in a two-day CrossFit competition this weekend. There were 15 scaled women’s teams and no more than 10 of any other division. Thus a LOT of women are doing CrossFit and are doing it scaled. And judging by our competition, are really quite good at that level!

A small part of me would really like to be able to participate in the Rx division, but I am generally 99% perfectly fine with scaling for the rest of my competitive life if need be. Here’s why:

  1. I’m not out to become a “Games” athlete; I just like the mental difference a competition adds to the mix.
  2. I do CrossFit to stay healthy and to be able to move/function for another 40+ years not to win.
  3. While I’m willing to push beyond my physical and mental comfort zone, I am well aware that staying there too long risks injuries that could dampen my professional life and that’s just not worth it.
  4. As we are constantly telling folks, scaling is perfectly acceptable and there should be no shame in scaling.

Here’s a few things I learned competing over 2 days:

  1. I really need to work more on my cardio; this has always been my downfall.
  2. Two-day competitions are really hard on the knees.
  3. Competing in the rain is far better than competing in 90 degree sunlight.
  4. I have yet to fully understand how to fuel a body during these types of events.
  5. Competing with friends is a lot of fun!

So my advise to all of you is: compete! Compete as often as you like, or even just once to see how different it feels. Compete at whatever level you need and don’t worry where you place!





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