A new word – CrossFat

CrossFit – the official definition is “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”. What is CrossFit  And my guess is that anyone who has tried CrossFit for any length of time will be able to tell you what it is to them and what it has done for them. These folks will come from all walks of life and of all kinds of varying ages.

Seriously…go to crossfit.com and you will find all kinds of videos from all kinds of boxes telling you what it is to them. Here is one of them.

But I woke up from a CrossFit induced coma (nap) the other day with the word CrossFat stuck in my head; and, I cannot shake the feeling that it describes me to a ‘T’. I’m thinking it might describe a lot of people. And before you get on me about being negative, or body shaming, let me into the secret workings of my brain.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 2 years now. I’ve gained: strength, stamina and new skills. I’ve been introduced to Olympic lifting and Powerlifting, not just as something done in the gym, but as sports. I found a community; a community that encourages me, empowers me, cheers me on, even as I STILL often come in dead last. I’ve found inner strength to finish even when I thought I couldn’t. I’ve found friends; folks I now hang out with, play games with, compete with, train with, discuss all things related to life, kids, adulting and the like with.

It’s possible that I’m in far better shape than I was as a varsity athlete.

But I don’t necessarily LOOK like I’m in better shape and that’s where CrossFat comes into my mind. Have I lost weight? Some, a couple of pounds. Have I lost inches? Most definitely! But I still have what I lovingly term “my jelly rolls”. If I look at pictures of myself, pre- and during- CrossFit, I don’t really notice a lot of differences.

I know why this is happening, or at least I think I do because I read and that obviously makes me an expert (haha). I’m female, I’m over 40 and well … I love food/drink! I know that if I reign in my food choices that might make a difference. I’m probably 80% ‘clean’. Perhaps I really should be closer to 90% to start to notice a difference. Maybe I’m one of those who really shouldn’t indulge at all, but seriously, where is the fun in THAT? I have a life. I’m not a professional athlete. Plus I have a family, one that would probably disown me if I made them go down that road with me.

So I’m CrossFat. I’m a much healthier, happier, slightly thinner version of myself who either refuses, or is unable, to give up certain indulgences, and that means I still have jelly rolls and a “mommy-pooch”. I’m (mostly) okay with this. Yes, I am jealous of women with abs and those who’ve had kids and managed to get their body back. But I’m also not quite ready to dedicate more of my life to rigorous food restrictions.  Am I striving for a fitter me? Of course I am. But in the mean time, I’m CrossFat and I’m perfectly okay with this. If this is you, welcome to the club; we have (Paleo) cookies and aren’t afraid to share.


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